xo, kitty stars talk exploring [Spoiler]Sexiness: ‘She’s a Beautiful Part of Who She Is’ – Plus, Grade 4 Finale

Warning: The following contains spoilers xo, kittyseason finale of. Proceed at your own risk!

Netflix’s xo, kitty There’s a lot of LGBTQ representation in Titanic characters’ friends, Yuri and QBut to all the boys The spinoff series also finds its female lead exploring her sexuality.

Kitty may have come to Seoul for her boyfriend Dae, but over the course of the season she unexpectedly develops feelings for her gay classmate Yuri (played by Jia Kim). Seeing that she is also in love with Dey, Kitty’s new love leaves him quite confused. during a conversation with a surprisingly accepting father (John Corbett, repeating his father to all the boys role), Kitty ponders whether she is bisexual, pansexual or fluid.

“I was really excited that we were going to explore” Kitty’s sexuality, her portrayer Anna Cathcart told TVLine. “I was really proud of the way we portrayed her, and it’s amazing to see so many, different queer characters. It kind of emphasizes the fact that not every queer person has the same experiences and the same feelings when they’re going through it.”

While Kitty is able to be more honest with herself and her father about her sexuality, Yuri’s character represents a different kind of coming-out story. Unable to see his girlfriend Juliana, who was sent away, Yuri struggles with acceptance and keeps the fact that he is gay a secret from his parents.

xo kitty season 1 finale

“She comes from a very conservative Korean family, which also [have] There’s a lot of prestige to maintain, and having a gay daughter wouldn’t go down well with them because it’s all stereotypical,” says Kim. “On paper, he has everything. She is it girl. But then she’s rotting inside because she can’t be herself, and the person she loves most besides her family is the one she’s not allowed to be with.

Meanwhile, Kitty is navigating her feelings for Yuri and Day with a kind of independence.

“It’s been great to give Kitty the space to figure it out herself and be honest with her feelings and with the people in her life who she loves,” Cathcart enthuses. “She never apologizes for how she’s feeling and what she’s going through, which is really cool, even when she’s really overwhelmed, and that can definitely be scary. She’s still in her She’s not apologizing for who she is, and she’s discovering who she is and that’s a beautiful part of who she is.

xo kitty season 1 finaleCathcart adds: “I love that story, and I really hope that fans can find comfort in it and feel seen or heard … and having her Q and other characters in the series to support her.” And it’s such a beautiful thing to accept the look, as well.

Yuri also eventually finds support, reaching out to her mother and her friends as the season draws to a close. Then Kitty almost confesses to Yuri that she has feelings for him. However, the moment is interrupted by the reunion of Yuri and his girlfriend Juliana, leaving the audience to wonder whether Yuri has any romantic ties to Kitty.

“I think she adores Kitty, and honestly, I’m open to whatever happens,” shared Kim. “I also think it’s a really fun experience because they used to hate each other, and then they became friends, and now it’s like what’s going to happen next? It’s all really exciting.”

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