Kanye West Compared Himself To George Floyd In Apology To Black Community

Kanye West Compared Himself To George Floyd In Apology To Black Community

Ye, then known as Kanye West, apologized to the Black community for his earlier contentious remarks and compared himself to George Floyd.
Ye expressed regret for misrepresenting Floyd, who perished after a police officer put his knee to his neck, as having overdosed on fentanyl during a Friday interview with media.

He claimed that “it damaged the Black people.” I want to apologize for hurting them because God has now made it clear to me through Adidas’ actions and media coverage that I understand what it’s like to have a knee on my neck.
Lawyers for George Floyd’s family earlier claimed that following the rapper’s comments regarding his passing, the family had been receiving internet abuse.

Adidas recently severed relations with the rapper, joining a number of other businesses, citing his “hateful and dangerous” remarks, which included antisemitism.

The rapper claimed that the incident, which he earlier claimed caused him to lose $2 billion in a single day, had “humbled” him.

Ye also seemed to retract some of his earlier remarks that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

Although there were aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement that he disagreed with, he acknowledged to the paparazzi that the movement had first “made us feel wonderful together as a people.”

The rapper has been outspoken in his criticism of the movement, which he has referred to as a “scam,” and he recently created controversy by appearing at his Yeezy design show in Paris while sporting a shirt that read “White Lives Matter.”

The phrase “White Lives Matter” has racial overtones, and white supremacist organizations have adopted it as a slogan, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Ye appeared to retract some of his contentious remarks while defending others in muddled and occasionally contradictory comments to the media.

He claimed that until he read a description of the term, which stated that it includes talking about “the notion of a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, business, government, or other societal institutions,” he had no idea that he could be antisemitic.

I had no idea that mentioning that I have a Jewish contractor, a Jewish record label, or an attorney constituted antisemitic, Ye said.

His most recent antisemitic remarks, which included the statement that he was “going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” have been roundly denounced by Jewish organizations and notable individuals.

Ye claimed that the definition of the phrase is “truly to get extra defense” and that he “needed that extra defense” to the paparazzi, implying that those remarks were made out of context.

According to Veteran, his remarks were intended to allude to the military term “Defcon 3,” which denotes “force preparedness elevated above normal levels.”

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