Yina Calderón shows a lump on her back due to biopolymers: “I am sad”

Yina Calderón is one of the Colombians who have had health complications due to the biopolymer. Recently, the shapewear entrepreneur showed off to her followers that she had a bump on her back.

“Baby, good morning. Well, they’re not good for me, but I hope they are for you. I’m sad and add to that I don’t want anything. i’m sick And at this point they’re going to inject me because I’ve got that ball we already know, in my back… biopolymer, liquid”, the young woman said in her Instagram stories.

The content creator showed the said lump in the images.

“If you notice, kids, there’s a lump. I’m going to the hospital now. Really, what therapy is this, it seems, what therapy, but now with this health problem I don’t even want to fight with anyone, I mean, literally, this pain is terrible. If the injection they’re going to give me doesn’t work for me, I’ll have to go into a room with one. Let’s hope that the injection they are going to give me will make me alright”He added.

And it is that Yina Calderón has had several surgeries to extract the biopolymer from the tail.

APA Colombia reveals the millionaire he gave to Diana Salis after their separation

In other entertainment news, Apa Colombia revealed to her followers the million-dollar sum she owed her ex-partner after their split. The keratin practitioner spoke about the subject after a follower asked him a question about the soccer player’s new girlfriend.

“Have you seen Diana’s new girlfriend yet?” the said user asked, to which he replied: “Dude, I haven’t seen him, nor do I care. I want to be a good ex, an ex who doesn’t call, who doesn’t ruin his life And the life of the one who does not interfere, but who wishes you good luck.”

The businesswoman went on to say that Diana Sallis was “a very lucky ex-woman who had a working partner, that he was to give him fifty percent, 3,800 million pesos in property and cash. I wish you all the best, because such opportunities do not come again. To keep and value what I have given him, because it was with a lot of work and a lot of effort, that he achieved next to me. God bless you”.

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