Your Baby Is “Singing” in Your Belly on a Pregnancy Ultrasound

future mother of Mexico She went to her pregnancy ultrasound to find out how her baby was developing in her belly, so she “decided to sing a song to calm down”.Blessings”, But his surprise would be great as he saw that the little creature moved its mouth as if it too was refining its voice, so the emotional moment came to an end. TIC Toc was it made viralBringing tears to millions.

clip Damaris (@damaris_samples_oficial) It is the best proof of the bond that a mother has with the little child that is growing inside her. What happened? Our hero was lying down when he did an ultrasound to find out how the unborn child was developing.

Everything was going on in routine, when a man (probably her partner) asks her to sing a song: “Hallelujah” Of Leonard CohenThe lady doesn’t hesitate to do so and it results in a beautiful interpretation that impresses everyone in the room, but also those who least expected it, as you can see when you look at the screen Are baby pointing, moving lipsOpening her mouth as if she is singing along with her mother.

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“He’s Singin’ With You”

“It’s exciting, he’s singing along with you”A man’s voice says, which makes everyone laugh. Damaris About the feeling that only mothers can feel: He said, ‘They don’t know how I felt at that moment. We are the happiest pregnant women in the world”he wrote in the caption.

video with over 2.1 million copiesHas moved thousands of people who were amazed by the miracle of life, some joking and others offering scientific explanations: “She doesn’t sing, they usually drink their liquid, they open and close their mouth, the same thing happened to me, but each parent interprets it according to their own feeling”, “It’s just someone song”, “I knew if it does, it’s because it will have a gift”, “It’s an instrument that will sing to God and it’s doing it from your womb. What a beautiful moment , you made me cry “,

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