A Condition Called Love Anime Releases Its Trailer, Revealing Its Release Date

Prepare to swoon because “A Condition Called Love” will debut next month in Japan on April 4, and fans around the world can watch it exclusively on Crunchyroll.

As the premiere approaches, a new trailer shows more of the charming romance between our main couple.

The latest trailer not only offers glimpses of the budding romance, but also gives viewers a snippet of the opening theme song, “Kimi no Sei” by Sexy Zone.

With anticipation building, fans are eager to delve into the world of “A Condition Called Love.”

Romance Blooms Promotion (Credits: East Fish Studio)

Directed by Tomoe Makino and produced by East Fish Studio, the series promises to strike a chord with its heartfelt storytelling.

Hitomi Amamiya’s series composition ensures a captivating narrative, while Akiko Sato’s character designs bring the characters to life with authenticity.

Adding to the appeal is Yamazo’s enchanting music, which sets the perfect tone for the romantic getaways that await viewers.

The key image offers a glimpse into the world of “A Condition Called Love,” hinting at the emotional journey that awaits our protagonists.

As anticipation builds, fans can’t help but wonder what twists and turns await Hotaru Hinase and Hananoi in their search for love.

Kodansha USA’s publication of the official English version of the manga further expands the reach of the series, captivating audiences around the world.

Described by Crunchyroll as a first love story, “A Condition Called Love” follows Hotaru, a high school student with a great support system but little luck in the romance department. When he crosses paths with Hananoi, the boy next door, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Romance Blooms in New Key Visual for A Condition Called Love (Credits: East Fish Studio)

A chance encounter in the park leads to a budding romance, and Hananoi’s unwavering affection leaves Hotaru nervous and intrigued.

As they navigate the complexities of love, the series explores themes of understanding, acceptance, and the exciting journey of discovering one’s feelings.

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With Hotaru’s uncertainty juxtaposed with Hananoi’s passionate devotion, “A Condition Called Love” promises to deliver a moving story of young love and self-discovery.

As the series prepares to make its debut, fans are counting the days until they can experience the magic of this enchanting romance firsthand.

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