15 Best Reincarnation Anime That Are Not Isekai

Rebirth in anime adds novelty and excitement to the story, allowing the characters to adapt to new environments and eras with technological advancements and cultural differences.

Not all reincarnation stories in the anime are itkai; Some people focus on moving the plot within the same world, creating more interesting and focused narratives.

Reincarnation animes such as “Joshikosi Nobunaga-chan!,”, “Dimension Movement of Nazka,” and “Or Boy Kongming!” explore how characters from different time periods adapt to modern life, displaying conflicts, eccentricities, and the creation of new relationships.

Reincarnation in the anime medium is a popular and possibly exaggerated concept. Fans are not surprised when the characters are forced to die and return to new bodies and new worlds. This concept offers many possibilities to move the plot forward, adding an authentic sense of novelty to the story that fans can feel through their screens.

However, not all rebirth stories are created equal. Many popular ones can be classified as isekai, while others do not share those distinctive characteristics. But that doesn’t stop them from being as entertaining or thrilling as their Isakai counterparts. Here are some reincarnation anime that doesn’t count as isekai..

There may be a conspiracy to see a character in the Isekai anime become familiar with the new world, but such a feeling can also be derived from regular reincarnation. Since reincarnation is an event that usually occurs after a long period of time, viewers still get to see the characters adapting to the new environment. Experiencing different eras with significant technological advancements and wide differences in cultures can also be exciting and help keep viewers hooked. Moreover, the reincarnation set in the same world promises to focus more on moving the plot forward without wasting time on world building. This creates more interesting stories that are not longer than necessary.

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Dimension Movement of Nazca

Nazca’s Dimension Movement is an anime that explores in depth the concept of interconnected destiny and personality, as past lives cause conflicting feelings within individuals. The main protagonist is the reincarnation of Miura Kyoji, a warrior who saved the world, but his opponent was also reborn, and his soul was reborn in his kendo teacher.

Driven by the spirit’s desire to cleanse the world by killing millions of people, his teacher, Masanari, loses control and recruits other people to accomplish his goals. Kyoji also seeks the help of those close to him to thwart Masanari’s plans, though he constantly has to ask himself if it is his will or the will of the spirit living within him.

Joshikousei Nobunaga-chan!!

Joshikousi Nobunaga-chan!! There is a comedy anime with short episodes that features Oda Nobunaga as a regular high school girl. The famous war general is forced to adapt to modern-day customs, and there are many scenes where he is shown struggling with that task.

Nonetheless, he uniquely faces his challenges and sometimes fearlessly declares that he is Oda Nogunaga. Although he owns a prodigious personality and acts beyond logic, his friends and family do their best to keep up with him and guide him into his new life.

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The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn As A Typical Nobody

The demon Lord Varvatos is the hero of this story, and despite being a powerful creature who has no sani, there is still some emptiness in his heart. The reason for this is to stay away from humans, when he himself is actually a human being. Desiring true fellowship, he decides to be reborn for thousands of years in the future and significantly reduce his power.

Despite this, he is still far stronger than everyone else in this new era, and it doesn’t help that he’s not even the best at communication. Nevertheless, he enrolls in the Laville National Academy of Magic and manages to make some friends even when he finds himself in some uncertain circumstances.

Ya Boy Kongming!

Yes, Boy Kongming! There is an anime that shows a remarkable historical figure and how he finds his place in modern Japan. In his original life, Zuge Kongming was a skilled strategist and one of the most talented minds of the Three Kingdom era. Unfortunately, however, during one of his battles, he fell ill and passed away with a desire to be reborn in a better time.

As a result, Kongming wakes up in Tokyo several centuries into the future, and looks much younger than it was before his death. Despite being initially shocked by the considerable change in scenery, she meets a young singer named Eco Tsukimi, and the pair soon form a deep bond. The story tells how Kongming used his superior intelligence to manage the Echo and created a path from which he could reach great heights.

Angel Sanctuary

In this supernatural anime, Setsuna Mudo has to struggle a lot. He is only 16 years old and still in high school, but he has to deal with the complexities of his romantic feelings, supernatural powers, and the fact that he is the reincarnation of organic Angel Alexiel.

Setsuna has to deal with supernatural beings who are constantly being attracted to him, and also the devastating consequences of awakening Alexiel’s soul. Luckily for him, Adam Kadamon helps and reverses the effect. It uses the concept of anime reincarnation in a familiar but exciting way.

Oshi No Ko

Unlike many of its counterparts, the rebirth of its main characters occurs relatively quickly, and their lives immediately get worse after their mother and ideal Hoshino Ruby are murdered in front of them.

This has a considerable impact on both of her reborn children, as Hoshino Aquamarine sets out in search of retribution to identify the real circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. On the other hand, Hoshino Ruby aims to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a successful role model, with her brother also supporting her at every step.

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

In this action-adventure anime, Gaius is burdened with a sense of inadequacy. Despite being the strongest sage, he is not happy with his abilities. He decides that he will have to be reborn in the future to get the crest he so desperately wants.

In the future, he eventually gets the crest he wants as his new personality, Matthias Hildsheimer. Unfortunately for him, all the time that has passed has devalued his valuable assets. Mathias remains shocked and begins his journey to another academy and tries to rectify the mistakes he made in his absence.

Ceres, Celestial Legend

In this adventure anime Aya Mikage  goes on a transformative birthday journey. He discovers that he is no ordinary one, but a reincarnation of a powerful divine young woman, Ceres. Because Ceres’ power poses extreme danger, Aya becomes a target and even her grandfather tries to take her life.

This is followed by a series of astonishing events, from the attempted murder of Aya to the escape with the help of Suzumi Aogiri and her brother-in-law Uni. Aya’s brother was eventually captured by Mikagi, the Mikage ancestor, who had stolen an important object from Ceres. Aya then has to protect her brother while keeping Ceres’ soul away.

Love Story of Cat Spirit

Revenge in this fantasy and romance anime comes from rebirth. With only twenty episodes, Love Story of Cat Spirit tells the story of a cat demon who is struggling with the divided personality and pain of her past life.

What begins as a quest for revenge from an old lover turns into a stunning love triangle. This anime, based on the original web novel, is the type that makes the audience interested in the next moment, and how such a complex situation is solved. It forces the audience to constantly come back.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga is an adorable ride through the world of fantasy Japan. At the center of the story is the cinnamon dog. He belongs to the Oda gharana but is actually a reincarnation of the former lord of Owari called Nobunaga.

At the time of his death, he thought it would be fun to return as a dog. He is surprised, it actually happens, and other chieftains join him. This story is fun and comforting. The episode is also decorated with short post-credit scenes of real-life dogs.

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire

In this anime, Inglis gets another chance at life to learn a skill. After living a noble life, in which he helped make his country great, a goddess named Alistia decided to reward him with a wish.

Inglis, who was previously a hero king, is reborn as the daughter of the Eucus family. Without access to magical powers in this new form, Inglis is free to master the sword by killing her cousin named Rafinha Bilford.. The essence of this anime is a determined character who will do nothing to become great in the skills he desires.

The Founder of Diabolism

The founders of Diabolism delve deeper into the bond formed between two unlikely partners while traveling in the mysterious world. The story begins with Wei Wuxian who is killed by an ally after making a dangerous, monstrous path.

He returns to Mo Xuany’s body thirteen years later, and he meets an old classmate, Lan Wangji, and they work together to discover the story hidden behind the mysterious left hand found in the Mo house. The mystery they are looking for may reveal the strength behind so many deaths.

The Betrayal Knows My Name

This Boys Love anime follows Yuki Giou in a complex attempt to find the truth about his true identity and his past. Yuki is a sympathetic person and can feel the pain and sorrow of the people he touches. Therefore, he is not immune to suffering.

He is only a teenager with a tragic history. He grew up without parents and because of this his relationships with people became complicated. But this story is more than Yuki’s internal battles. She had to face her growing power, threats to her life, and flourishing romantic feelings.

The Misfit of the Demon King Academy

This anime is a powerful blend of action, fantasy and humor, wrapped in an entertaining story that follows the journey of the powerful monster king Anos Voldigoad. After being reborn, he fearlessly enrolls in a demon academy with one goal in mind: to reclaim his rightful position as ruler of the demon world.

Despite facing many obstacles and enemies along the way,Anos never wavered in his quest to prove that he is the true monster king. The raw emotion he displays in response to his tainted legacy is indeed relevant, making it impossible for him to escape the root.

Phantom Thief Jeanne

Maron Kusakabe is assigned a task when an angel named Finn Fish comes to visit him. She becomes the reincarnation of the holy thief known as Jeanne d’Arc and begins to imprison in artifacts with the goal of turning demons into evil spirits.

Maron also has to deal with the attention of a new classmate named Chiaki.. Chiaki begins to woo Maron with the aim of hindering his activities but eventually falls in love with him. For fans who love Sailor Moon, fantasy anime, Phantom Thief Jeanne  is a story that shouldn’t be missed.

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