Dabiz Muñoz considers incorporating semen into DiverExo’s dishes

Dabiz Munoz He is one of the most sought after chefs in our country and this is reflected in the list of culinary masterpieces he has designed from the very beginning under the stove. Most of them are characterized by their differentiated exoticism with which they win over the stomachs of diners who immerse themselves in the interiors of their restaurants.

This time, Chef of DiverXO and winner of three Michelin stars has thrown the house out the window with a new gastronomic work, which has generated many reactions due to the fact that Puffer fish’s main diet is semen., This Japanese reputation, in the name of shiracoThe chef was left speechless by its scrumptious taste, which is impossible to describe.

,Grilled Puffer Fish Seimen (Shirako). indescribable…it pretty much blew my mind”, he expressed on his Instagram profile along with a picture of this Asian delicacy. In fact, the cook himself announced it DiverXO will soon add sperm from this marine species to its menu, “The basis of making a good plate of semen (shiraco) is to treat it with dedication and love. At DiverXo we are already working on it!!”

How much does Shirako cost and how is it cooked?

Cristina Pedroche This is one of the diners who have tasted this dish. associate of Zap assured that Shirako is a “delicacy” for the palate. “David told me it was delicious because it was grilled and it enhanced the flavor,” he explained. This food, which is also found in other marine animals such as cod, salmon or octopus, it can be cooked in different ways, either grilled, grilled or even under cooking. In the picture published by the chef, it can be seen that he chose the first option to cook the dish.

One of the drawbacks of this Japanese product is its high price. One portion is around 500 Eurowhile its value in first-sale points, known as auctions, reaches 3,000 euro per kilo, The reason for its remarkable value is due to its low supply in water as well as the difficulty in extracting the sperms of this species.

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