Dragon Ball: 10 Most Selfless Characters, Ranked

Hey, Dragon Ball fans! We all know Dragon Ball for its crazy fights and yelling (enough to power up a Super Saiyan 3!). But what about the good guys who actually care about others? Some characters just love to fight, but today we’re talking about the Dragon Ball: 10 Most Selfless Characters.

These are the heroes who risk everything to save others, even giving up their favorite food (Earth meals are the best!). So get comfy and grab a snack (Pocky is great!), because we’re about to meet some surprising heroes and maybe change your mind about some characters (like Goku and his clothes!). Get ready for some touching moments, unexpected discoveries, and the answer to the question: who in Dragon Ball is truly kind? Let’s celebrate the nicest fighters in the universe!

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10. Krillin: The Underdog with the Unbreakable Spirit


Don’t be fooled by his lack of Saiyan blood. Krillin’s courage burns brighter than any ki blast. While perpetually overshadowed by powerhouses like Goku and Vegeta, Krillin never flinches in the face of danger, especially when his friends are in harm’s way.

From his daring stand against Frieza on Namek to holding the line against the androids, Krillin’s unwavering loyalty defines him. He’s the underdog who consistently punches above his weight class, a testament to the power of unwavering spirit.

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9. Piccolo: From Demon Spawn to Earth’s Emerald Guardian


Piccolo’s transformation is one of Dragon Ball’s most compelling arcs. Introduced as a villain driven by vengeance against Goku, he undergoes a profound shift.

He becomes Gohan’s unlikely mentor and Earth’s protector, a role he embraces with surprising dedication. The ultimate act of selflessness comes when Piccolo sacrifices himself to shield Gohan from a deadly attack. This selfless act proves that his loyalty transcends Namekian pride and solidifies him as a vital member of the Earth’s defense team.

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8. Tien Shinhan: The Grumpy Teammate with a Heart of Gold

Tien Shinhan
Tien Shinhan

Tien’s stoic demeanor might suggest otherwise, but beneath his gruff exterior lies a fierce sense of justice. He puts aside his rivalry with Goku and the others to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them whenever the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance.

Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, Tien’s unwavering commitment to the greater good makes him a valuable team player. He may not always wear his heart on his sleeve, but his actions speak volumes about his unwavering dedication to protecting the innocent.

7. Dende: The Namekian Healer with Unwavering Dedication


This young Namekian serves as Earth’s custodian of the Dragon Balls. Dende’s role goes far beyond simply summoning powerful entities. He tirelessly heals the injured after battles, using his medical expertise to repair the damage caused by constant threats.

While the flashier battles take center stage, Dende works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the well-being of Earth’s defenders. His dedication to restoring balance and ensuring the safety of others makes him a vital, yet often overlooked, member of the Dragon Ball universe.

6. Android 17: From Destructive Machine to Nature’s Protector

Android 17

Originally created by Dr. Gero for chaos, Android 17 experienced a change of heart after witnessing the devastation caused by Cell. He chooses to live a peaceful life, defying his programming. But his selflessness doesn’t stop there. 17 takes on the unexpected role of a park ranger, actively protecting the natural world – a stark contrast to his destructive past.

This unexpected turn of events proves that even the most artificial beings can find redemption and choose to fight for the good of the planet.

5. Chiaotzu: The Pint-Sized Powerhouse with Unwavering Loyalty


Though his small stature might belie his strength, Chiaotzu’s loyalty is his greatest asset. Despite not actively participating in many battles, his unwavering devotion to his friends pushes him to fight alongside them, even against overwhelming odds.

His most selfless act comes when he sacrifices himself to save Tien from Nappa’s attack, a testament to the depth of his unwavering loyalty.

4 Videl: The Martial Artist with a Hero’s Heart


Gohan’s wife, Videl, is a brave and selfless martial artist. Unlike many who are content to stay on the sidelines, Videl actively uses her skills to protect innocent people. She doesn’t shy away from facing powerful enemies, even when it means putting herself in danger. Videl’s bravery and her unwavering commitment to justice make her a valuable asset to the world, proving that heroism comes in all shapes and sizes.

3. Master Roshi: The Perverted Mastermind Who Laid the Foundation

Master Roshi
Master Roshi

This seemingly goofy old martial arts legend, Master Roshi, played a pivotal role in shaping Earth’s defense. Despite his perverted tendencies, Roshi is a true martial arts master who trained Goku and Krillin, laying the foundation for the strength they would later use to protect the planet. His selfless act of training the next generation of heroes ensured that Earth wouldn’t be defenseless against future threats.

2. Future Trunks: The Time-Traveling Warrior Who Risked It All

Future Trunks

This warrior from a desolate future traveled back in time to warn Goku about a future enemy. Dedicated to changing the timeline, Trunks bravely risked his life to alter the course of history and save the present. His selfless act of defying fate and traveling back in time highlights his unwavering commitment to protecting not just his own world, but the entire timeline.

1. Gohan: The Scholar with the Heart of a Hero


Gohan is one of the most important and selfless characters in the Dragon Ball universe. While Gohan possesses immense power and a love for training, his true strength lies in his compassion. He fights not for glory or personal gain, but to protect those he cares about, even when he doesn’t necessarily want to fight. His moments of heroism, like his unleashing of hidden power to defeat Cell, showcase his unwavering dedication to protecting the innocent.

Gohan’s journey reminds us that true strength lies not just in physical power, but also in the courage to fight for what’s right.

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