Fans Create Awesome Season 2 for Berserk 1997 Anime

“Berserk” has had quite a tumultuous journey when it comes to its anime adaptations. It all started back in 1997 with a series that introduced us to the intense world of Guts and the Band of the Hawk.

However, subsequent adaptations failed to meet the high standards set by creator Kentaro Miura, leaving many fans disappointed. Even though there is no official confirmation of a new anime series for this brave franchise, fans are taking matters into their own hands, imagining what a second season of the original series could entail.

Fans Recreate Awesome Berserk Season 2

Adapting “Berserk” to the screen is no easy task, given Miura’s masterpiece status in the anime world. Miura began his epic story in the 1980s and spent decades creating a tale of swords, sorcery, and unflinching brutality.

Fans Create Amazing Season 2 for Berserk 1997 Anime
Guts (Credits: Kentaro Miura)

His untimely passing in 2021 left fans in mourning, but writer Kouji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga have vowed to carry on Miura’s legacy, promising to conclude Guts’ journey using his notes and discussions. While there is no indication as to when the final chapter will emerge, the series is scheduled to resume this month, continuing the tragic saga of Guts.

Enter “Berserk” Season 2, courtesy of Arche Studios, a fan-driven effort full of love for the franchise. This new episode picks up where the original ’90s series left off, following Guts as he continues his search for Griffith as he traverses the countryside.

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Despite surviving the harrowing Eclipse orchestrated by Godhand, Guts discovers that his problems are far from over.

Fans Create Amazing Season 2 for Berserk 1997 Anime
Berserk (Credits: Kentaro Miura)

So far, no studio has stepped forward to tackle a new anime adaptation of Miura’s masterpiece. The last glimpse anime fans had of Guts, Griffith, Casca and company was through “Berserk: Memorial Edition,” a series that compiled footage from a trilogy of feature films. If “Berserk” were to ever officially return to the small screen, fan expectations would undoubtedly reach stratospheric heights.

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