Is Goku Truly a God? Discover the Truth!

Goku is one of the most powerful characters in anime. He just keeps getting stronger! In Dragon Ball Super, Goku can even compete with the Gods of his universe. But that’s not all. He can also be compared to some of the gods from myths and legends we hear about in school.

Have you ever wondered how Goku would match up against Zeus, the king of the Greek gods? Or what about Ra, the powerful sun god from Egypt? And let’s not forget Thor, the mighty Norse god of thunder. In this blog, we’ll compare Goku to these ancient gods and see how he stacks up.

We’ll also explore Goku’s origins and find out which legendary figure inspired his creation. So, get ready for an exciting journey through time and myth, and discover if Goku truly deserves to be called a god. Keep reading to find out more!

Goku vs. Ancient Greek Gods

Goku vs. Ancient Greek Gods
Goku vs. Ancient Greek Gods

Power of the Greek Gods

Atlas: Carrying the world on his shoulders

Atlas is a Greek god known for his incredible strength and carries the entire world on his shoulders. Imagine holding up everything on Earth! That’s how strong Atlas is.

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Ares: God of War and his vulnerability to humans

Ares is the Greek god of war who loves fighting and is very powerful. But he isn’t invincible. In Greek stories, a human named Diomedes once hurt Ares. This shows that even a god can be vulnerable.

Zeus: Shaking the Earth, air, and seas with a nod

Zeus is the king of the Greek gods. He is super powerful. One time, he shook his head, and it made the Earth, air, and seas shake too. Just a nod from Zeus can cause massive destruction.

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Comparing Goku’s Achievements

Goku’s fight with Beerus shaking the universe

Goku had a fight with Beerus, the god of destruction. Their battle was so intense that it shook the entire universe. That’s a lot more than just shaking the Earth!

Goku’s invulnerability compared to Ares being wounded by a human

Unlike Ares, Goku is nearly invincible. No normal human can hurt him. Even Krillin, a very strong human, can’t really harm Goku if he’s trying his best. This makes Goku seem even tougher than Ares.

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Goku vs. Egyptian Gods

Goku vs. Egyptian Gods
Goku vs. Egyptian Gods

Power of the Egyptian Gods

Osiris: God of the Underworld and His Resurrection

Osiris is a powerful god in Egyptian mythology. He is the god of the underworld and is known for his resurrection. Osiris was killed by his brother Seth, but he came back to life. This makes him a symbol of life after death.

Ra: God of the Sun and His Rule Over Earth, Underworld, and Skies

Ra is one of the most important gods in Egyptian mythology. He is the god of the sun and is believed to rule over the Earth, the underworld, and the skies. Ra is also known for his power to create and control everything in the world.

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Comparing Goku’s Achievements

Goku’s Multiple Resurrections and Familiarity with the Afterlife

Goku, like Osiris, has come back to life several times. He has died in battles but always finds a way to return. Goku is also very familiar with the afterlife and its rules, which makes him similar to Osiris.

Goku’s Fusion Abilities Compared to Ra’s Combining with Other Gods

Ra is known for combining with other gods to create powerful beings. Goku has a similar ability. He can fuse with other fighters, like Vegeta, to become even stronger. When Goku and Vegeta fuse, they become warriors like Gogeta and Vegito, who are some of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

Goku vs. Norse Gods

Goku vs. Norse Gods
Goku vs. Norse Gods

Power of the Norse Gods

Thor: Lifting a mountain with his bare hands

Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is super strong and can lift a mountain with his bare hands! Imagine being able to pick up a whole mountain. That shows just how powerful Thor is.

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Odin: Creating Earth from the giant Ymir’s corpse and his wisdom

Odin is the king of the Norse gods. He is known as the All-Father. Odin is so powerful that he created Earth from the body of a giant named Ymir. But Odin isn’t just strong. He is also the wisest being in the universe. He knows everything about everything.

Comparing Goku’s Achievements

Goku lifting a city and large landmasses

Goku has shown incredible strength too. During his adventures, Goku has lifted huge pieces of land. In one story, he even lifted an entire city! This shows that Goku’s strength can match Thor’s.

Goku faces beings capable of destroying Earth with a ki blast

He has faced enemies who can destroy the Earth with a single ki blast. This means they can blow up the whole planet with just one powerful attack. He has fought and defeated these super-strong beings. This makes him seem just as powerful, if not more, than Odin.

Goku’s Origin and Mythological Inspiration

Is Goku a God

Sun Wukong: The Monkey King

Overview of Sun Wukong’s powers and story in Journey to the West

Sun Wukong is a famous character from Chinese mythology. He is also known as the Monkey King. Sun Wukong has amazing powers. He can transform into many different shapes, fly on clouds, and has incredible strength. His story is told in the ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West. In this story, Sun Wukong goes on many adventures and fights powerful enemies.

Sun Wukong’s rebellion against Heaven and imprisonment by Buddha

Sun Wukong is not just strong; he is also very rebellious. He once fought against the gods in heaven because he wanted to be even more powerful. But his rebellion was stopped by Buddha, who imprisoned him under a mountain for 500 years. Sun Wukong’s story is full of exciting battles and adventures.

Goku’s Similarities to Sun Wukong

Goku’s carefree attitude, hunger for power, and ability to turn into a monkey

Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball, shares many traits with Sun Wukong. Like Sun Wukong, Goku has a carefree attitude and a strong desire to become more powerful. Goku can also turn into a giant monkey during full moons, which is a clear nod to his inspiration from Sun Wukong.

Goku’s fighting skills are as impressive as Wukong’s abilities in Heaven

Goku is known for his incredible fighting skills who trains hard and loves to test his strength against strong opponents. This is very similar to Sun Wukong, who is also a great fighter and can rival the strongest warriors in heaven. Both characters push their limits to become stronger and face powerful enemies.


Goku is a powerful character who can stand up to many gods from different myths. He has fought gods in his own universe and has powers like gods from ancient stories. Goku’s strength, ability to come back to life, and power to fuse with other fighters make him special.

Whether it’s against Greek, Egyptian, or Norse gods, Goku shows he has what it takes to be a true hero.

But is Goku a god? Not really. Goku is not a god in the traditional sense. He is a Saiyan warrior who trains hard and pushes his limits.

Even though he has powers like gods and fights against them, Goku remains a fighter who loves to protect his friends and family.

Reading about Goku’s amazing feats and comparing them to those of ancient gods helps us appreciate just how strong and incredible he is. Goku’s journey is exciting and inspiring, showing us that with determination and courage, we can achieve great things too.

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