Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Chapter 186 Explained

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Chapter 186 Explained: The Chapter 186 opens with Kobeni and Hakuya sitting outside at night gazing upon the stars together, admiring how lovely Kobeni finds it to look up at them together. Hakuya agrees and states how much fun he enjoys gazing upon them together.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Chapter 186 Detailed Explained

At school the following day, Kobeni meets Niko and Konoha who want to organize a maid cafe at their class booth at the cultural festival. Niko suggests Kobeni wear a maid outfit too, although she remains reluctant. Konoha suggests Hakuya might enjoy seeing Kobeni dressed like that instead.

At home later that evening, Mashiro shows Kobeni and Benio the maid costume she bought for the cultural festival; she wants them to wear matching outfits; however Kobeni remains uncertain of dressing as one yet.

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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Chapter 186
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Chapter 186

When Hakuya arrives home, Mashiro showed him the dress again before asking whether Kobeni would look cute wearing it; Hakuya blushed before responding that it did indeed make Kobeni look lovely, prompting Kobeni herself to blush further at being asked whether she would look cute as one while Hakuya agreed and gave an affirmative reply causing Kobeni herself blush from laughing so hard upon seeing herself looking great when answering back with an affirmative. Hakuya blushed before saying yes, further embarassing both Kobeni herself by Kobeni herself making Kobeni blush further!

On the day of the cultural festival, Kobeni agreed to don her maid attire to assist with her cafe booth’s operations. Niko and Konoha dressed similarly as well, drawing many customers (particularly boys ) into visiting and viewing Kobeni in her maid costume.

Hakuya and Mashiro arrive to observe Kobeni working as a maid, becoming jealous as she gives such attention to male customers. When Kobeni comes over to take their order, however, Hakuya pouts as she uses her customer service smile on them, leaving Kobeni bewildered at this change of his demeanor.

After her shift ends, Kobeni rushes over to Hakuya in order to check on him and finds him sitting idly on the school roof staring up into the early evening sky. Kobeni apologizes for making him upset but Hakuya confesses he got jealous; yet still maintains they were being playful; telling Kobeni her maid outfit looked very cute which delighted Kobeni immensely – then watching sunset together until its conclusion! The chapter concludes here.


Chapter 186 depicts the activities surrounding and preparations for the school cultural festival, with Kobeni acting out her maid role for her class cafe. There are some adorable moments between Kobeni and Hakuya as well as lighthearted jealousy on Hakuya’s part that give this chapter its sweet yet hearty tone overall.

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