My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even At Level 1 Anime Reveals First Promo Video, More Cast, Ending Theme

Official website for the television anime nazuna mickey And subachi‘S my unique skill makes me OP even at level 1 ,Level 1 Decadeo Unique Skill de Saeko Desu) light novel series was revealed on the anime’s first promotional video on Thursday. The site also revealed two more artists and the final theme song artist.

new cast included marika kono as Eve Calslider (bottom image, left), and my fuchigami Erja in the form of Monsoon (bottom image, right).

© 三木なずな・講談社/「Level1」装件主业

Ari Miyakawa performing the ending theme song “Tamborine no Naru Oka” (The Tambourine-Ringing Hill)

© 三木なずな・講談社/「Level1」装件主业

The anime will premiere in July. Previously announced cast includes Kaito Ishikawa as Ryota Sato, and rin kusumi as Emily Brown. Crunchyroll Will stream the anime as soon as it airs.

Yuji Yanase ,by the grace of the gods) is directing the series on maho movie, Yuka Yamada ,tokyo mew mew new) is in charge of series composition. Miyako Nishida ,in another world with my smartphone, eri kojima ,in leadley’s land, Kaho Deguchi ,If it’s for my daughter, I’ll beat even a demon lord), And yuko oba ,I’m the villain, so I’m subduing the final boss) is the main character designer. Endo. making music.

Miki debuted the series in February 2017 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro (Let’s Be Novelists) website. Mickey and subachi The light novel series launched in September 2017. The seventh book volume shipped in Japan in December 2019. Mawtadebuted a manga adaptation of bite‘S “suyobi no seriouswebsite in May 2018. bite The 11th volume was published on 9 March.

Kodansha USA Publishing licensed both the light novel series and the manga adaptation. The company describes the series:

Ryota Sato gets the surprise of his life when he is suddenly transported to another world and nearly robbed at the hands of young, beautiful adventurer Emily Brown. This new world revolves around defeating demons and profiting from whatever they drop – food, money, items, etc. Unfortunately Ryota has no speaking skills… until he learns that he has the ability to receive rare drops! Suddenly his luck takes a turn…or does it?

The series has surpassed a cumulative total of 1.1 million copies in circulation.

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