New Trailer Introduces Meme Bashame in My Deer Friend Nokotan Anime

Hold on tight as My Deer Friend Nokotan introduces another quirky addition to its cast: Meme Bashame, voiced by Fuka Izumi (known as Rin Rindo in HIGHSPEED Étoile). Let’s take a closer look and get into her character:

This latest addition to the series comes on the heels of the announcement of WIT Studio’s anime adaptation, scheduled for July 2024.

My Deer Friend Nokotan, based on Oshioshio’s manga, will be directed by director Masahiko Ota (known for works such as Himouto! Umaru-chan and Onipan!) at WIT Studio.

The series will be composed by Takashi Aoshima, with character designs by Ayumu Tsujimura and music composed by Yasuhiro Misawa (HINAMATSURI fame).

WIT Studio's My Deer Friend Nokotan Anime Gets Release Date Along with Sneak Peek
My deer friend Nokotan (Credits: WiT Studio)

Bashame Meme in My Deer Friend Nokotan

Seven Seas Entertainment brings the manga to English readers, offering a sneak peek into the chaotic world of Nokotan and his friends:

The story revolves around Torako, initially known as a model student but who harbors a secret past as an ex-delinquent. Everything takes a turn when Nokotan, a new transfer student with horns, enters the scene.

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But Nokotan isn’t your typical student: aside from her distinctive antlers, she has a deer-like nose that can sniff out Torako’s hidden history. Chaos ensues wherever Nokotan goes, whether at school or the zoo. Torako is filled with questions: Is Nokotan a girl, a deer, or something else entirely?

As the series unfolds, viewers can anticipate a mix of humor, mystery and friendship as Torako navigates the unpredictable world of My Deer Friend Nokotan alongside her unconventional classmates.

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