One Piece Chapter 1117 Preview: Epic Battles and High-Stakes Escapes

The wait is over, and Chapter 1117 is almost here. Everyone is super excited as the Egghead Island Arc continues. Let’s dive into what we can expect from this upcoming chapter.

First up, we have the big showdown between the Five Elders and the Iron Giant. In the last chapter, York, one of Vegapunk’s satellites, found the transponder snail hidden inside the Iron Giant. The Five Elders want to destroy this snail. But the Iron Giant, with its ancient technology, is ready to protect it. This battle is going to be huge. The Five Elders are very powerful, but the Iron Giant has some tricks up its sleeve. Its ancient energy might finally hurt the seemingly immortal Elders. This fight will be one to remember.

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While the Iron Giant is busy fighting, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are trying to escape Egghead Island. They face many dangers, including the Navy. The Navy is shooting at the Giants’ ship, making the escape even harder. Zoro and Usopp will defend the Sunny, while Nami finds the safest way out. Jinbe will steer the ship, making sure they stay on course.

Luffy, who has been running from Warcury, is expected to join Sanji and the others soon. This reunion is key to their escape plan. Fans are excited to see how they will pull this off. Every Straw Hat member has an important role in this dangerous mission.

But there’s more than just the escape. Vegapunk’s message is also important. He has been sharing secrets about the Void Century. In Chapter 1117, we might hear the last part of his message. This could reveal the name of the Ancient Kingdom and other surprises. This information could change the story in big ways and get us ready for the next adventure.

As the Egghead Island Arc gets closer to its end, Oda is setting up what comes next. After this arc, fans can look forward to the Straw Hats going on new adventures. Maybe they will finally head to Elbaf, a place many fans are excited about. The buildup has been great, and Chapter 1117 promises lots of action, drama, and surprises.

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So get ready, One Piece fans! Chapter 1117 is almost here. It’s full of epic battles, emotional moments, and clever escapes. Keep an eye out for its release on June 17, 2024. Get ready for another amazing journey with Luffy and the crew. The adventure continues, and the best is yet to come!

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