SHOCKING REVELATION: One Piece’s Franky Hides a Jaw-Dropping Secret! Is He a Secret Member of the D Clan?

The Will of D. has become a big topic again among One Piece fans because of Dr. Vegapunk’s recent broadcast. Sadly, the broadcast was cut off by the Five Elders before Vegapunk could share important details about the initial D.

It looks like characters with the initial D in their names will be important in the final part of One Piece. These characters are already very interesting, especially Monkey D. Luffy, the main character and leader of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Officially, Luffy is the only crew member with the initial D, but an interesting online theory suggests that Eiichiro Oda might have secretly given another Straw Hat member the Will of D.

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Vegapunk’s Reference to the Will of D

Recent chapters of the Egghead Island story have focused on Dr. Vegapunk’s surprising worldwide broadcast. His message aimed to uncover some of the biggest mysteries in the series, like details about the Ancient Kingdom and Joy Boy.

One Piece: Is Franky a Secret Member of the D Clan
Will of D

But the most important part of Vegapunk’s message was about the D clan members. This discovery caught the attention of many important people in the One Piece world. Just as Vegapunk was going to reveal something very important, the broadcast was stopped suddenly by the Five Elders. This left fans and characters wondering eagerly about what the Will of D really means.

As a result, lots of theories have come up as fans try to figure out what Vegapunk was going to tell the D clan.

One Piece Theory Proposes Another D Clan Member Among the Straw Hat Pirates

An idea gaining traction online suggests there could be another Straw Hat pirate besides Luffy with the initial D in their name. This possible member is Franky, who builds ships for the crew. There are several reasons people think this theory might be true.

The biggest hint comes from Franky’s real name, Cutty Flam. Some fans interpret this as Cut D. Flam, similar to how Gol D. Roger’s name was changed to Gold Roger to hide his D clan connection. This hidden detail in Franky’s name hints that he might also be part of the D clan.

Additionally, Franky’s personality bears similarities to Luffy’s. Both characters are carefree and follow their own sense of justice, drawing others to them and making strong alliances. These traits support the possibility that Franky could indeed be a member of the D clan.

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