Spy x Family TV Anime: Forgers Return for Season 3!

People all over the world are absolutely thrilled that the highly-anticipated third season of the hit anime show Spy x Family has finally been given the go-ahead. An event called “Spy x Family Anime Extra Mission” was used to make the news, which made the internet go crazy with excitement.

Spy X family
Spy x family

The strange Forger family isn’t leaving, even though it’s all a big secret. The teaser image for the new season shows Anya with her cute big white dog, Bond. It looks like their exciting and funny secret adventures will continue.

For those who don’t know, Spy x Family follows Twilight, the best master spy who is perfect at hiding her identity anywhere. His most recent job was to get into the nation’s most prestigious institute in search of a high-ranking government figure. There is one catch: he has to bring his family with him.

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Now, meet Yor, the dangerous killer whose face is covered, and Anya, the sweet orphan girl who has a crazy secret: she can read minds! Twilight, disguised as psychiatrist Loid Forger, forms a makeshift family with Yor (now his wife) and Anya (his adopted daughter).

Of course, this family is not like any other. Hilarious situations come to the forefront as each tries to hide their real nature and fit into everyday life—schooling, in this case. Anya’s struggles to fit in, Yor’s attempts to be a good husband, and Twilight’s never-ending juggling of activities all come together in wild, hilarious, and moving ways.

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And here comes Season 2, which finished several months back, having everybody crave for more. We have seen Yor embracing her new role as a mother figure, Anya flourishing in school brought to life with a bit of help from telepathy, of course, and Twilight getting that much closer to his goal. And here comes Season 3, set to explore the world of the Forgers, new characters, and new tasks indeed in this brand new comedic gold epic.

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There is no word on the release date yet, but it will be worth the wait with great confidence. Spy x Family has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with this mix of action, comedy, and warming family moments. So get ready to cheer the Forgers in their next undercover operation; it’s going to be a wild ride!

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