Aitana added fuel to the fire regarding her alleged collaboration with Quevedo: “What can I tell you?” , music

a month after the sound of to give in a song by quevedo During the live on Instagram, the pairing between the two national stars gives a lot to talk about. And finally we have firsthand reactions from the other cast members involved. During the question and answer session of the Catalan soloist through his … Read more

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 13 Review: The Sicilian Error of Color

Yes, Raymond. Are you okay? It was another eventful hour on The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 13 as we learned a bit about Mira’s past while Raymond acted like he had lost his mind. This was also the second episode in a row where there was no blacklist issue, and the Task Force’s operation was … Read more

Foo Fighters announce Josh Freese as the new drummer following the death of Taylor Hawkins. Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have unveiled their new drummer following the death of their former percussionist Taylor Hawkins: veteran session musician Josh Freese. Freese has earned a long and star-studded list of credits in his three-decade career. The 50-year-old drummer has been a member of Devo since 1996 and the Vandals since 1989. He has also … Read more

Succession series finale sneak peek reveals a hilarious showdown between the Roy siblings: ‘It’s gonna get nasty’

successionThe endgame is upon us, and it’s still anyone’s guess who will come out on top. HBO has released a sneak peek of next Sunday’s series finale (9/8c), and it sets the stage for a final showdown between siblings Kendall, Roman, and Shiva for control of Waystar. The final episode ended with Kendall and Roman … Read more

NCIS: LA vet Barrett Foa opens up about his absence from the series finale

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NCIS: LA: Chris O’Donnell’s son Chip plays ‘The New Guy’ in series finale

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Ride Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Truth Is Revealed

Ride consistently shows that a family’s love is unconditional, and on Ride Season 1 Episode 9, after Valeria confesses everything about her past, McMurray still accepts her, unlike his father and his wife. . Valeria had been on the run for so long and was having a hard time trusting anyone. Even though Austin was … Read more

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 Review: Blue Jay

Despite a return to quality in Fear the Walking Dead season 8’s first episode, the series still struggles with villains that lack the cutthroat nature we’ve come to expect from this universe. The PADRE should have been a compelling final group of villains, but Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 continued to reiterate … Read more

‘Gemma’ of ‘The Box Challenge’ reveals her tough childhood

‘Gemma’ was one of the most commented participants in ‘The Box Challenge’, above all because of her personality and her spirituality, which at first came as quite a shock to some, but eventually became a virtue to others. Went. Now that she has left the program, “Gemma” reveals everything she experienced when she was young. … Read more

Belinda will join Saltillo at the Cactus Festival along with other great stars

When it seemed that music festivals in Coahuila were already losing their magic andEl Cactus Festival is announcing a lineup that is garnering a lot of attention, especially with its most recent announcement. after they learned in recent weeks that on September 30 fairground will bring together well-known artists such as Molotov, Moderato and Ximena … Read more