The Pokémon Company International hires Phil Ryanda as director of original animation

Rynda to produce “animated films, series, short forms” content

Image via Phil Rianda’s Linkedin profile

Animation industry veteran Phil Rinda announced on his LinkedIn account Tuesday that he has joined the pokemon company international as director of original animation, where he will be involved in the creation of “animated films, series and short form” content.

Rynda was previously the director of creative leadership and development for Original Animation Netflix, Prior to this he was Vice President of Development nickelodeonand a creative director cartoon Network, Prior to her executive roles, Rynda won a Primetime Emmy for her character design work in Billy and Mandy’s Big Boogie Adventure Animated Film. worked in other shows as well gravity Falls, we bear bear, adventure Time, chowder, Venture Bros.And the LEGO movie,

pokemon horizons: the series (English title), new anime in pokemon suffrage, premiered in Japan on April 14 with a one-hour first-episode special. The show airs on Fridays at 6:55 PM the pokemon company An English press release previously stated that the anime would premiere in 2023 “and beyond”.

Source: LinkedIn profile of Phil Rinda, Cartoon Brew (Jamie Lange)

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