The Infamous “One Piece” Cafe Set To Finally Open In Las Vegas This Month

Renowned restaurateur Andy Nguyen, known for his ventures such as Trill Burgers and Sonic Speed ​​Café, has teamed up with Toei Animation to present a dining experience like no other: the inaugural One Piece Café in Las Vegas.

Debuting this month, the cafe will transport visitors to the vibrancy of the iconic anime with its immersive 2,000-square-foot venue adorned with images of Monkey D. Luffy and his intrepid Straw Hat crew on their legendary high-seas adventure. There will also be exclusive merchandise available for fans to enjoy.

“One Piece” cafe food (Credits: Andy Nguyen, Toei Animation)

The menu features a delicious variety of dishes inspired by all 1,100 episodes of the beloved anime series. From Japanese fruit sando to Zoro’s onigiri and Tajio’s beef curry, guests can savor the flavors of the One Piece universe with every bite.

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For dessert, tantalizing treats like Stretchy Mochi Cookies and Big Mom’s Wedding Cake await, along with the iconic Gum-Gum fruit mousse bomb.

Bun B and Andy Nguyen (Credits: Reddit)

Quench your thirst with a variety of drinks, including the refreshing Mikan Tangerine Slushy and the innovative Pumpkin Juice, or opt for signature mocktails like the All Blue Mocktail and Franky’s Coke-a-Cola Ice Cream Float. .

The One Piece Café opens its doors on Saturday, May 11, promising an unforgettable experience complete with appearances by Luffy and Zoro characters and exciting giveaways for fans to enjoy.

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