Why Kagaya Ubuyashiki Prompted Tamayo to Join Forces with Shinobu? Explained

In Demon Slayer, the battle against the immensely powerful demon, Kibutsuji Muzan, demands the collective efforts of skilled demon hunters, each bringing their unique strengths and experience to the fore.

Recognizing the need for a formidable partnership to stand a chance against Muzan, Kagaya Ubuyashiki arranges an alliance between two exceptional individuals: Tamayo, a demon who has given up her instinct to hunt humans, and Shinobu Kocho, the insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. . .

Tamayo’s deep understanding of demon biology and behavior perfectly complements Shinobu’s incomparable skills as a member of the elite Hashira.

Together, they form a strategic alliance that allows them to devise effective tactics against Muzan and develop poisons and drugs designed to counter his demonic abilities.

Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

With Tamayo’s knowledge and Shinobu’s combat prowess, this dynamic duo is prepared to take on Muzan head-on, harnessing their combined strengths to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the formidable demon.

Tamayo and Shinobu’s collaboration in the fight against Muzan

Recognizing Tamayo and Shinobu’s invaluable contributions in the battle against Kibutsuji Muzan, Kagaya Ubuyashiki strives to unite their unique talents and experience in poison and drugs.

With the shared goal of permanently defeating Kibutsuji Muzan, both the Demon Slayer Corps and Tamayo are driven by a fierce determination to end his reign of terror once and for all.

A still image from Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

Regardless of Tamayo’s status as a demon, Ubuyashiki recognizes his unwavering commitment to seeing Muzan defeated and his oppressive rule brought to an end.

Tamayo’s unparalleled insight into the nature and vulnerabilities of Muzan, gained over years of observation, presents a valuable asset to the Demon Slayer Corps in their mission against the demon king. Drawing on his knowledge and experience, he aims to gain a crucial advantage in his battle against Muzan’s formidable forces.

Furthermore, the collaboration between the Demon Slayer Corps and Tamayo, regardless of their demonic origins, underscores their shared determination to overcome Muzan’s tyranny.

A still image from Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

By putting aside differences and uniting toward a common goal, they increase their chances of success in overthrowing Muzan’s control and restoring peace to the world.

Furthermore, the alliance between Tamayo and Shinobu is deeply rooted in their shared experience in the fields of poisons and drugs. Tamayo, a demon with a background in pharmacology, has dedicated herself to the study of antidotes and the intricacies of demonic biology.

His deep knowledge of demon physiology and weaknesses allows him to devise effective strategies against formidable adversaries like Muzan.

In contrast, Shinobu’s mastery lies in poison-focused combat, harnessing lethal toxins to incapacitate demons with precision.

Recognizing Shinobu’s exceptional skills in this domain, Ubuyashiki recognizes her as a key asset to the Demon Slayer Corps.

A still image from Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

Taking advantage of their complementary abilities, Tamayo and Shinobu are able to collaborate to develop innovative methods to counter Muzan’s regenerative abilities.

While Tamayo focuses on dissecting demon anatomy and formulating antidotes, Shinobu specializes in using poisons as offensive weapons.

Their combined knowledge of the demons’ toxins and weaknesses allows them to devise strategies aimed at preventing Muzan from being cured.

This collaborative approach has great potential to challenge Muzan’s formidable regeneration, as they work together to exploit its vulnerabilities and overcome its defenses.

Tamayo’s Redemption: The Quest for Liberation and Redemption from a Demon

Once human, Tamayo underwent a transformation into a demon at the hands of Muzan. However, unlike most demons, Tamayo managed to retain her human consciousness and suppress her innate urge to harm others.

Instead, he channeled his efforts into understanding the nature of demons and seeking methods to weaken them.

A still image from Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

Using her experience as an expert pharmacist, Tamayo dedicated herself to developing antidotes capable of suppressing demonic instincts and preserving her humanity.

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Regardless of his own demonic nature, he has a deep-seated concern for humanity and strives to protect them from the predations of other demons, particularly Muzan.

Her ultimate goal is to devise a means to defeat Muzan and free herself and her fellow demons from the curse of their existence.

Demon Slayer (Credits: Koyoharu Gotouge)

Tamayo’s unwavering opposition to Muzan is due to the deep suffering he has inflicted on both humans and demons.

Driven by her tragic past, marked by her involuntary transformation into a demon, Tamayo is driven by a burning desire to eradicate Muzan and relieve others of the burden of demonicity.

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Through his relentless research and collaboration with the Demon Slayer Corps, he strives to discover a lasting solution to eliminate Muzan and restore tranquility to the world.

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