How Strong Is Kakumei Goku?

Alright, imagine you’re watching a show about martial artists who can do superhuman things, like fly and shoot energy blasts from their hands. One of the main characters in this show is Goku.

Over the years, Goku has trained incredibly hard, faced countless powerful enemies, and reached new levels of strength. “Kakumei Goku” refers to a version of Goku in a fan-made series called “Dragon Ball Kakumei,” which explores new stories and transformations beyond the original series.

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To give you an idea of how strong Kakumei Goku is, let’s break it down:

Superhuman Strength: Goku’s strength far exceeds that of any regular human. He can lift massive weights, breakthrough mountains with his fists, and withstand powerful attacks.

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Energy Blasts: He can shoot concentrated beams of energy called “ki blasts” that can destroy planets. His signature move, the “Kamehameha,” is a powerful energy wave that can obliterate his opponents.

Speed: Goku can move faster than the speed of light. He can instantly teleport to any location he’s been to before using a technique called “Instant Transmission.”

Transformations: Goku has several transformations that multiply his power. The most notable ones are:

Super Saiyan: His hair turns golden, and his power increases exponentially.

Ultra Instinct: A state where his body reacts automatically to threats without him needing to think, making him almost untouchable in battle.

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In “Dragon Ball Kakumei,” Goku achieves even higher levels of power and new transformations that make him even more formidable. These new forms push his abilities to the limits, making him one of the most powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball universe. He can fight against gods and other beings of immense power and often comes out on top.


Kakumei Goku is an extremely powerful character with abilities that go beyond human comprehension. His strength, speed, and energy manipulation make him a nearly unstoppable force, capable of facing and defeating the most powerful adversaries.

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