Ranking the 5 Best Dragon Ball TV Episodes of All Time

Dragon Ball is a super popular show with a bunch of episodes across different series like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT. These episodes are filled with action, feelings, and funny stuff. But out of all these episodes, which ones are the best? Let’s check out some top ones:

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1. Dragon Ball Z: “History of Trunks” (Episode 126): This one’s a real tear-jerker. It shows Trunk’s sad future where bad androids wreck everything. Trunks goes back in time to warn everyone, and it’s a mix of action, emotions, and serious consequences.

2. Dragon Ball Z: “Frieza’s Defeat… The Ultimate Super Warrior!” (Episode 95): This episode is a big deal. It’s the climax of the Namek Saga where Goku turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time. It’s got awesome animation, epic music, and lots of power.

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3. Dragon Ball: “Tenkaichi Budokai – The Martial Arts Tournament Concludes!” (Episode 134): This one’s from the original Dragon Ball series. It’s all about the final showdown between Goku and Piccolo at the martial arts tournament. The fighting scenes are amazing.

4. Dragon Ball Z: “Vegeta’s Sacrifice” (Episode 189): This is a big moment for Vegeta fans. He does something really brave to save everyone from Majin Buu. It’s a powerful scene where Vegeta sacrifices himself heroically.

5. Dragon Ball Super: “Farewell, Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again” (Episode 131): This one wraps up the Tournament of Power in a touching way. It’s happy and sad at the same time because Goku and his pals say goodbye for now.

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What makes a Dragon Ball episode the “best”?

Think about these things:

  1. Big moments: Does the episode change the story a lot or make a character grow?
  2. Animation and Music: Do the pictures and music make the action or emotions stronger?
  3. Awesome fights: Did the fighting scenes make you amazed?
  4. Feelings: Did the episode make you laugh, cry, or feel tense with the characters?

Dragon Ball has lots of great episodes. Whether you like sad parts or big fights, there’s something you’ll love.

So, what are your favorite Dragon Ball episodes ever? Tell us in the comments!

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