Shakira is caught having dinner with a famous Formula 1 driver

The Colombian artist was spotted with one of the foremost runners in the category.

shakira He has started coming out of his worst personal moment, which was his split with Gerard Piqué last year. has moved to colombian miami With her children and now she is looking for new adventures and company upon her return to the United States.

Well, the Colombian was present at the Formula 1 Miami GP and was accompanied by Tom Cruise, although she was surrounded by other celebrities as well.

However, the artist not only enjoyed F1, but also had dinner with one of the drivers of the category, as published by many of his fans on social networks.

And it is that after the race, Shakira was at a dinner at the exclusive Miami restaurant, ‘Cipriani’, where she was seen with Lewis Hamilton and where everyone was present.

The images have been interpreted as a possible placement and it comes at a great moment for the artist. However, the footage shows the two being accompanied by a number of friends, which may just be an agreed-upon invitation between the celebrities.

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