Coronation of King Carlos III: According to Artificial Intelligence, this is what Lady de England’s Queen will look like

This weekend, protocol was followed for the coronation of King Charles III of England and his wife, Queen Camilla. Some segments of the population showed their disapproval with the protests in the streets; Although others appealed to do digital exercise.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the most nostalgic internet users created images of what the late Princess Diana would look like in mid-2023 if she had ascended the throne today to her ex-husband, King Carlos III.

On May 6, users of the social network flooded the platforms with messages of love for Lady Dee and spread these images that they were able to recreate:



The mother of princes William and Harry quickly became an icon of popular culture, not only for her immense beauty and charisma, but also for her philanthropy work and her social struggle.

Ever since the media questioned her about her future role as queen in the 1990s, she dismissed those aspirations almost immediately. In a television interview with the network BBCThe presenter asked her: “Do you think one day you will be queen?” He gave a slight smile, and replied emphatically: “No.”

She said, “I want to be the queen of people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself as the queen of this country. I don’t think many people want me to be queen.”

Years later, on August 31, 1997, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, died after being injured in a car accident in the Alma tunnel in the city of Paris, France. At the time, she was accompanied by her then-sentimental partner, Dodi al-Fayed; and the driver, Henri Paul.

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