Shangri-La Frontier: A Captivating MMORPG Anime Series

The anime world has been abuzz, with excitement about the anime series called Shangri La Frontier. This show is set in a not future where virtual reality (VR) games that fully immerse players have become incredibly popular. The main character of the story is Rakuro Hizutome, a gamer who seeks out “trash games” or glitch-filled games in order to become a master at them. However, when he enters the world of Shangri La Frontier his life takes a thrilling turn catching the attention of some rather shady characters.

On October 1st, 2023 this anticipated anime series finally. Received rave reviews, from its viewers. Shangri La Frontier showcases a depiction of an anime multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and both its cast and production team have been praised for their excellence.

The cast includes 

  • Yuma Uchida as Sunraku/Rakuro Hizutome
  •  Azumi Waki as Psyger-0/Rei Saiga
  •  Yoko Hikasa as Arthur Pencilgon/Towa Amane
  •  Makoto Koichi as Oicazzo/Kei Uomi
  •  Rina Hidaka as Emul
  •  Akio Otusuka as Vysache

Furthermore overseeing the series is Toshiyuki Kubooka, as the director with Hiroki Ikeshita serving as his assistant. The composition and storyline of Shangri La Frontier were skillfully crafted by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu while Ayumi Kurashima took charge of the animation and character design.

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As for its accompaniments the opening theme “Broken Games” is performed by FZMZ while the closing theme “Ace” is brought to you by CHiCO.

Last but certainly not least Shangri La Frontier sets out to captivate viewers with its enthralling plot and exceptional production quality. If you have a penchant for MMORPG anime or simply crave something exciting to indulge in Shangri La Frontier should be, at the top of your must-watch list.

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