Sweet Reborn TV anime reveals 2 more cast members, new scene

G123 also shows games for the franchise with English releases

Official website for the television anime nozomu koryu‘S sweet rebirth ,Okashi no Tensei: Saiko Patishiye Isekai Korin) Light Novels on Friday revealed two more cast members and a new scene for the series. new cast included hitomi nabatame as anise met mortaln and yoko hikasa Brioche as Salgret Mill Leteche (character name spelling not confirmed).

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Additionally, G123 Platforms revealed on Friday that it would be releasing a game for the series, and that the release would include English.

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The anime will premiere in July, and Crunchyroll Will stream the series as soon as it airs.

anime starsNote: The romanization of character names is not official.,

nayuki kuzuya ,Rebirth for Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squiredirecting the anime Synergy Spin collaboration with studio comet, Mitsutaka Hirota ,Rebirth for Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire) is writing and supervising the script. Tomoko Miyakawa ,Rebirth for Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire Sub-character design) is designing the characters. hiroshi nakamura ,the dragon dentist) is making music.

J-Novel Club Issuing serico aidamanga adaptation of the novels, and it describes the story:

Pastry Mill Mortelon, age 9, is both his father’s successor and the reincarnation of an unfulfilled pastry chef. While he dreams of a land full of sweet delicacies, there is a lot to be done first! From learning to fight, to trying his best to control his new magical talents and protecting his village from bandits, and yet all he really wants to do is bake the perfect apple pie… Pastry Mill Mortelon has finished its work for him in sweet rebirth,

Kaoryu started the original novel series on the Shosetuka ni Naro website in February 2015, and books Publishing editions in print with illustrations by Yasuyuki Shuri, Iida launches manga adaptation on Comic Corona vol. nico nico sega service in December 2017, and the manga continues.

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