The Real Reason Why Tomura Shigaraki Scratch Himself So Much


In the captivating world of My Hero Academia, many charming characters captivate audiences with their unique abilities and back stories. One such character is the antagonist Tomura Shigaraki, who plays an important role in the story.

Fans of this popular anime may have noticed that Tomura has a strange habit of constantly scratching his skin, sometimes to the point of bleeding.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

This disturbing tic likely stems from trauma and pain in Tomura's earlier life that still plagues him. Although details have not yet been fully revealed, it seems that her nervous scratching is a manifestation of inner turmoil and unresolved issues from her past.

The hints given suggest a very troubled upbringing filled with cruelty and neglect, which damaged Tomura psychologically and left permanent scars.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

Scratching her skin appears to be a nervous outlet for the anxiety, resentment, and memories that continue to haunt this complex character.

Tomura's mysterious history and unusual habits have captured the attention of viewers, who are anxiously awaiting more details to be revealed as to why this villain has turned him into the damaged person he is today.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

His interesting characterization and potential backstory make him a fascinating addition to My Hero Academia's rich cast.

The hidden meaning behind Tomura Shigaraki's skin scratching

The popular manga My Hero Academia finally reveals the reason behind antagonist Tomura Shigaraki's constant, annoying skin scratching.

Initially dismissed as mere allergies, her obsessive scratching is actually linked to her powerful Decay quirk, which produces an unfortunate secondary effect on her body.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

The disturbing essence of her ability, combined with deep emotional trauma, manifests as a compulsive desire to physically scratch herself.

Scratching provides Shigaraki a way to deal with his inner turmoil, allowing him to briefly ignore his feelings and focus elsewhere.

Inflicting physical pain on herself distracts her from the terrible memories that threaten to overwhelm her.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

This behavior gives insight into the deep trauma from Shigaraki's past life and the extreme measures he has taken to escape his long-lasting pain.

Shigaraki's childhood was filled with neglect and abuse, which left him with deep emotional wounds. His scratching may be an unconscious attempt to find relief or escape from the pain inside.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

It also reflects his distorted perspective and self-image due to his past experiences. This important revelation adds an extra dimension to this complex villain by connecting his disturbing habits to the trauma that shaped him.

This fascinates fans who want to understand what caused Shigaraki to become such a damaged person today.

Tomura Shigaraki's tragic background

The main villain of My Hero Academia is a tragic character named Tenko Shimura, who later adopts the alias Tomura Shigaraki. As the leader of the infamous League of Villains, he serves as the main adversary against the heroes.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

Shigaraki has a powerful Quirk called Deke, which allows him to disintegrate anything he touches with all five fingers of his left hand.

However, Shigaraki's journey into villainy stems from a traumatic childhood filled with neglect and loneliness. As young Tenko, his Decay Quirk accidentally causes his family members to die gruesome deaths.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

Feeling rejected and neglected, Tenko later goes into a fit of rage and intentionally kills her abusive father with her Quirk.

Tenko, completely isolated and deeply resentful after the tragedy, was discovered by the villain All for One, unharmed.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

All for One took the boy under his wing, becoming a mentor and grooming him to become his successor as Tomura Shigaraki.

Armed with a destructive quirk, a painful past, and the corrupting influence of All for One, Shigaraki transformed into a formidable foe driven by hatred, especially towards the heroes who failed to save him.

My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

Shigaraki's backstory highlights how childhood neglect and trauma can turn someone into a villain.

Despite leading a league of villains against the heroes, the scars of the hurt, neglected child Tenko remains in Shigaraki, making him a complex adversary.

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My Hero Academia (Credit: Kohei Horikoshi)

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