How Many Times Has Goku Died in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a beloved anime that follows the adventures of Goku, a powerful fighter who seeks out magical Dragon Balls to summon a wish-granting dragon.

Dragon Ball Z: Goku
Dragon Ball Z: Goku

 Along his journey, Goku faces many challenges and battles against tough opponents.

Sometimes Goku dies in these fights, but the magical Dragon Balls bring him back to life.

In this article, we will explore the instances when Goku has died, providing a detailed look at each event and its significance in the series. 

The Times Goku Died in Dragon Ball

1. Fight Against Raditz

When Goku’s brother, Raditz, comes to Earth, it changes everything in Dragon Ball. Raditz tells Goku that they are both part of an alien warrior race called the Saiyans. He wants Goku to help him take over planets, but Goku says no. To make Goku agree, Raditz kidnaps Goku’s young son, Gohan.

How Many Times Has Goku Died in Dragon Ball

To save his son, Goku works with his old enemy, Piccolo. Raditz is very strong, so they need a good plan. Goku decides to sacrifice himself. He holds Raditz so Piccolo can use a strong attack called the Special Beam Cannon.

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The attack goes through both Raditz and Goku, killing them both. Goku’s sacrifice shows he will do anything to protect his loved ones. Even though Goku dies, he believes the magical Dragon Balls can bring him back to life.

2. Fight Against the Semi-Perfect Cell

The Cell Games Saga is a part of the Dragon Ball Z series where the powerful android Cell threatens the Earth. During this saga, Goku’s son, Gohan, transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and fights Cell. Despite Gohan’s strength, Cell plans a self-destructive blast to destroy the Earth.

times when goku died in dragon ball

To save everyone, Goku makes a brave decision. He uses a technique called Instant Transmission, which allows him to teleport instantly. Goku teleports himself and Cell to King Kai’s planet, where the blast won’t harm the Earth.

 This heroic act results in Goku’s death, along with King Kai and his friends, Gregory and Bubbles.

Goku’s death has a huge impact on the story. His sacrifice shows his selflessness and bravery. 

It also leaves the heroes without their strongest fighter, adding tension and drama to the series. Despite being dead, Goku continues to guide and inspire his friends and family, showing that his spirit and teachings live on.

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3. Fight Against Hit

In the Future Trunks Saga of “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku faces a very strong opponent Hit. Hit is an assassin from Universe 6, known for his ability to manipulate time. 

Goku dies against hit

Their battle is intense, with Hit using his “Time-Skip” technique to gain an edge over Goku. Despite the challenges, Goku adapts and counters Hit’s moves, pushing him to his limits.

During the fight, Hit uses his powerful “Phoenix Eye Fist” attack, which fatally injures Goku. However, Goku had a plan. Before being hit, he sent a Ki Blast into the air. 

This Ki Blast falls back to the ground after Goku’s death, hitting him and reviving him. This clever tactic brings Goku back to life and allows him to continue the fight.

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4. Heart Disease

One of the most surprising events in Dragon Ball is when Goku dies from a heart virus. This happens in a future timeline known as the Future Trunks Saga.

In the future, Trunks sees his world destroyed by evil androids. He knows Goku could have helped, but Goku had died from a heart virus before he could fight. 

So, he decides to travel back in time to warn Goku about the heart virus and give him medicine to cure it. This action changes Goku’s future. He stays alive and can fight the androids.

Other Important Deaths and Near-Deaths

Goku’s Heart Stopped by Piccolo Daimao

In the early days of Dragon Ball, Goku fought a powerful villainPiccolo Daimao, also known as King Piccolo.

Goku heart stopped by Piccolo
Goku Vs Piccolo

 During their fight, Piccolo used a technique that stopped Goku’s heart, causing him to briefly die. This surprised Goku’s friends and fans.

King Piccolo was a dangerous enemy who wanted to take over Earth. Goku fought him bravely to protect his friends and the world from his evil plans. Their fight was tough and showed Goku’s determination and strength.

When Piccolostopped Goku’s heart, it seemed like Goku had died. But thanks to the magical Dragon Balls, Goku came back to life soon after. This moment showed how important the Dragon Balls are in the series, as they can revive someone if certain conditions are met.

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Goku’s Alternate Timeline Deaths

Goku also died in an alternate timeline. He faced an evil version of himself named Goku Black, who switched bodies with him and killed him.

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