Toonami to launch Dr. Stone: New World season on June 3

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adult swim‘S toonami Programming Block announced on Thursday that it would begin running Dr. Stone: New Worldthird dr stone anime season, on June 3 at 12:30 AM EDT in the United States (effectively, June 4).

The full lineup for June 3 includes:

toonami It was previously reported that it is yet to announce its “next show”. It reiterated again Thursday that it still isn’t allowed to announce the title, but expects “an update soon.”

Dr. Stone: New World premieres in Japan on April 6 at 10:30PM ET (9:30AM EDT). it will last for two Course (quarters of a year), but divided into different broadcast seasons. Crunchyroll is streaming anime that airs in Japan, and has started streaming an English one as well strike On 20 April.

Crunchyroll Describes the story of the new series:

With the Stone Wars over, Tsukasa, a former member of the Empire of Might, joins forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing the high seas to seek answers to the mystery of global petrification. However, before they can begin their journey, Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and advance some new scientific advances in order to build the type of ship they need.

The first television anime debuted in July 2019. Crunchyroll streamed the first season as soon as it aired, and funimation flowing a strike Of the weather premiere of anime toonami In August 2019.

Dr. Stone: Stone WarsThe second season of the anime premieres in January 2021. Crunchyroll streamed the series worldwide except Asia, and funimation streamed an english strike, anime started toonami In May 2021.

One hour Dr. Stone: Ryusui The anime special airs in July 2022.

boichi ,Sun-Ken Rock) And Richirou Inagaki (author of Eyeshield 21) launched the manga in weekly shonen jump in March 2017, and the series ends in March 2022. i.e. media Publishing manga digitally and in print. manga plus Also published the manga in English digitally.

The 26th and final volume of the manga is slated for July 2022. A fanbook shipped to Japan in August 2022.

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Source: toonami‘S Facebook Page

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