Anime/game music composer Hidekazu Tanaka sentenced to suspended sentence for public nuisance, indecent acts

Tanaka will not serve 18 months in prison if he is on 3 years of good behavior

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Tokyo District Court found 35-year-old game and anime composer Hidekazu Tanaka He was convicted on Friday of violating Tokyo’s “trouble” or “trouble prevention ordinance” and committing an obscene act before being given an 18-month suspended prison sentence. (If Tanaka remains in good behavior for three years, he will not serve time in prison.)

Police arrested Tanaka in Tokyo on October 24 on charges of attempted forcible indecency – a Japanese legal term that includes sexual assault. However, the court formally ruled that Tanaka had violated a different ordinance. The court charged Tanaka with taking voyeuristic photographs of women’s skirts 11 times at train stations in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture between last September and October, as well as sexually assaulting her lower body on a train between Japan Railway’s Yurakucho and Tokyo stations. Found guilty of showing in manner.

The court noted that the victim of the first crime, a high school girl, could not attend school for a week after the crime because she was now afraid of interactions with men, people following her, and crowded trains and school commutes. . The presiding judge concluded by saying that this case will never end for the victim. He then advises Tanaka to never forget about the victim and never make such a mistake again.

Tanaka admitted in March that he used obscene language against a 15-year-old girl in an attempt to sexually assault her. According to officials, Tanaka said “I’ll give you the money, won’t you withdraw the money for me?” with a teenage girl and forcibly took her hand in a bicycle parking area of ​​a train station in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward last August. In court, Tanaka said he “liked her face and appearance,” so he followed her to the train, then tried to commit an indecent act.

The girl reported the incident to the nearby police post. Police then found footage of a man following the girl from the station’s security camera.

Tanaka also admitted to voyeurism at least a dozen times in the past 10 years, since he was in his early 20s. He said in March that he wanted to feel the “thrill” of wondering whether he would be caught, and committed these acts to “relieve anger and work stress”.

Tanaka composed many songs and soundtracks for anime and videogames during his career, much of it spent at the music production company Monaca, during his 10 years MonacaTanaka composed the music and lyrics for this type of anime. Nyaruko: Creeping with love!, Aikatsu!, servant × service, [email protected] Movie: Kagayaki no Mukogawa E!, [email protected] cinderella girls, Sword Oratoria: Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? on the side, hitori bochi no marumaru seikatsuAnd Ideal Pride, he left Monaca At the end of July 2021.

He probably first sang the opening song “Star!!” Known for the creation of For [email protected] cinderella girls anime, as well as writing the anime’s soundtrack. He also composed and arranged many songs on a large scale [email protected] cinderella girls suffrage, Most recently, he is credited as the composer for the second and fourth versions of the opening song “1・2・3”. Pokémon Journey: The Series composed the opening song “Ichigo Ichi Celebration” for the second season of the anime, and Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! Anime. He composed the final song “Calendar Girl” for Aikatsu! Anime.

Release of the opening theme song “Ichigo Ichi Celebration” (Once-in-a-Lifetime Celebration) for the second season of Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! The television anime was canceled for “various reasons”. Tanaka composed and arranged the theme song. original song by Kano and Uzaki-chan (as voiced by her voice actress Naomi Ozora) and the version performed by the virtual YouTuber singing unit mklntick Was about to debut on 30 November.

Pokémon Journey: The Series The anime’s opening sequence for the theme song “1・2・3” has removed Tanaka’s music arrangement credits in recent episodes. Also, voice actress and artist momo asakuraLive “Piacere!” The tour removed their song “Day and Night Dream” (“Shiroku Jichumu”), which was composed by Tanaka, from the concert setlist.

acting age manga Author Tatsuya Matsuki In December 2020, a female middle school student received a similar suspended sentence for forcibly performing indecent acts.

Source: TBS News Dig, Chunichi Shimbun

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