Did The Flash Deny Us Flashbacks? Is Abishola going there? How did La Brea hide Dino? Hot Fire Duo? More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (probably) got the answers! As Another Week Of TV Goes By, We’re Fielding Questions Left And Right Including Lots Of Shows Bob Hurts Abishola, La Brea, The Flash And Chicago Fire,

1 , is it very clear party down manufacturers do not see the other twoGiven that he ended the premiere with the exact same COVID joke the other twoSeason 2 finale?

2 , just knocked on SAG Awards being broadcast that, without commercials, the presenters sometimes had to awkwardly vamp until everyone was back in their seats? But seriously, can we please decide to pair Aubrey Plaza and Jenna Ortega as presenters?

3 , should not way homeAlice or Cat has got a cold by now and is still running around all wet?

4 , Sure you can’t be agile when salvaging items in a dystopia, but for last of us‘ Ellie – who wasn’t born until 2009 – will the Walkman really be her music player of choice?

5 , roger ebertIs the company you keepIs Emma talking too much about her personal life in her CIA job? Besides, who wants to tell ABC’s promo blurb wrangler to add “.com”?

6 , Is Bob Hearts Abishola finally going There With Christina and Kofo setting up a forbidden, Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between Bob’s sister and MaxDot. East Marketing Head, who has gone to work with Bob and Tunde in the manufacturing plant?

7 , We get that they both want to be professional in the workplace but it won’t happen NCIS‘ Jimmy and Jess act a little more familiar with each other when he’s alone in his lab? (If you didn’t know they were dating, would you know they were dating?) Also, how quickly did you find out? LA law-Yaar Alan Racchins as the man in the nursing home running the gin rummy game?

8 , Is someone possibly ‘shipping’ NCIS: HawaiiTennant and Super-Swallow Charlie 1? Or are we all still Team Milius?

9 , Alert: Missing Persons Unit Fans, did your eyes pop straight out of your head when Sydney commented at the end that it was a “silver lining” that her father didn’t blame her for Keith’s death? And why did Cammy allude to “visiting last year” during that prayer circle when Keith-or-NotKeith? The secret spread for, what, a couple of weeks?

ted lasso season 310 , ted lasso Fans, did you breathe a sigh of relief when you saw Roy and Keeley holding hands in the Season 3 trailer? That Season 2 Finale Had Us Freaking Out!

11 , Should we be worried that the trailer for Hulu’s musical rom-com Here Are the vocal performances dialed down so low we can barely make out who’s singing?

12 , While we’re here solely for drama and tears traitorreunion special, don’t you think Andy and Quentin were a little naïve about what they were doing? Shouldn’t they have commended the winner for a job well done instead?

13 , TVLine reader Dave emailed us, “What a hyperdrive they have The Rookie: Fed That he made multiple flights to Guatemala over a two-day period?”

La Brea T-Rex14 , would like la bree Are we to believe that the result of the collapse of a skyscraper is some mound of debris? Shouldn’t Gavin have stopped telling others about Dr. Moore’s portal until he had more facts? Did you enjoy how Eve haphazardly takes off her clip-on/wears just a tee inside that cave to match Gavin’s death vision? you were Some Petra going to be revealed as Lucas and Veronica’s baby? Finally, as one TVLine reader wrote: “How could Gavin and his kids not see the T-Rex until it passed right in front of them?”

15 , Did the mandalorianK’s “first turn” doesn’t actually involve a reunion of Mando and Grogu. book of boba fett, And how did Deen get inside Angelen’s little workshop?

16 , conners spoiler ALERT! Were you surprised that the show went down the aisle just a week after Harris revealed she was pregnant?

flash red death17 , But glitterWouldn’t Ryan Wilder’s Rogue War story be far, far more entertaining in his timeline? Look, via flashback? Even if she’s putting a spin on it? And in the moment pictured here, Barry is thinking: “Who do I know who’s under 5’6” and the woman who would go all Evil Speedster on me?

18 , Chicago Fire Fans, are you digging this unexpected Carver/Caesar pairing?

19 , But Chicago PDWhy does Intelligence use their real names on matters? Even if it’s only a first name, doesn’t that still put them at risk on some level?

20 , We know paranoia is subjective, but did Survivorjame and matthew In fact Need to play your shots in the dark? And do you respect Matthew’s hunger for adventure, or was falling off a huge cliff something that could possibly have been done in a million-dollar game?

21 , Did South ParkThe cynical condemnation of toilet paper makes you really consider the importance of finding a more effective (eco-friendly) alternative?

22 , Afterwards poker faceCharlie survived being hit by a speeding car, buried alive in a snowy forest and stabbed in the chest right this week (!), now you’re thinking season 1 must be some kind of superhero origin story ? And what about the two “ibuprofen pills” Charlie was hiding under her tongue until she went to remove them?

23 , right now grey’s anatomyLucas Moves Into Meredith’s House Has This Happened To Us: Even If He’s A Screw-Up, Why Would His Rich Family Have Left Him In Such Dire Conditions That He’d Never Visit A ​​Roach-Infested Dorm I had to flop? And did Thursday’s abortion subplot change anyone’s opinion on the issue?

24 , Did young sheldonDid the blowout between George and Mary, two seasons into the making, live up to (or maybe exceed) your expectations?

25 , so when is daisy jones and the six Real life concert?

hit the comments with your answers – And any other questions you want to share!

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