DLsite, Ci-en, pixiv FANBOX, Funxia Bans AI-Generated Content

All bans have taken place in the last 2 days

Japanese content websites DLsite, Ci-en, pixiv FANBOX, and Fantia have banned or restricted AI-generated content on their platforms over the past two days.

All four sites describe the ban as “temporary”, although the announcements did not specify how long the ban would last. The restriction on Eisys’ sites DLsite and Ci-en is only for AI-generated manga, CG images, videos and related content. Both sites will still allow content on novels and games with partial AI assistance. DLsite is a digital retail site focused on otaku-Oriented game, manga, picture and audio content. Ci-en is a patronage platform similar to Patreon, where fans can subscribe and pay creators who upload content exclusively for fans.

are banned pixiv Fanbox and Fantia are all for AI-generated content. pixiv FANBOX and Fantia are similar conservation sites to Ci-en.

All four sites have noted in their statements that the restrictions are meant to protect content creators and prevent the large amount of monetized AI-generated content that has been uploaded to the platforms over the past months.

Sources: Siliconra, Pixiv Fanbox, Isis via Fantia (link 2).

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