How Strong Is Terra 3 Saitama?

In the exciting world of One Punch Man, Terra 3 Saitama is the strongest hero around. Here’s why he’s so powerful.

Breaking the Limits

Saitama broke a limiter placed on him by God. This limiter was supposed to cap his strength, but now his power can grow without any end. This allows him to defeat any enemy with just one punch, no matter how strong they are.

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Defeating Cosmic Beings

Saitama has faced and defeated some incredible foes. He beat Lord Boros, an alien who could destroy planets. Boros was looking for a worthy opponent and found one in Saitama, but he still lost. Another notable enemy is Hero Hunter Garo. Garo transformed into a monster and received power from God himself but still couldn’t match Saitama’s overwhelming strength.

Fighting Higher Gods

In Terra 2, a god reveals that there are even higher gods above him. In another universe, Garo gains power from a being even greater than Terra 2’s god, transforming into Cosmic Garo. Despite Garo’s new cosmic abilities, which let him manipulate the very fabric of the universe and create galaxy-destroying attacks, Saitama handles these attacks effortlessly. For instance, when Garo uses a supernova punch that could obliterate a galaxy supercluster, Saitama treats it like a mere flashlight.

Beyond the Universe

Their battle escalates beyond the universe itself. Saitama’s punch shatters the universe, transporting both fighters to a white void where they can see the entire multiverse. Even here, Saitama demonstrates his superiority. When Garo tries to erase Saitama from existence by reducing him to zero dimensions, Saitama cuts through the dimensions and strikes back, showing his resilience and power.

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The Ultimate Power

Garo’s last-ditch effort involves trying to rewrite Saitama’s very existence, but he finds Saitama invincible. Garo even attempts to erase humanity, but Saitama changes Garo’s speech bubble, showing he can control reality itself. Garo then creates a perfect world for Saitama, but Saitama rejects it and punches Garo through the screen, reaffirming that he fights not for rewards but for fun.

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Terra 3 Saitama’s strength is beyond comprehension. He battles cosmic beings, breaks through dimensions, and manipulates reality.

Despite facing opponents with god-like powers, he remains undefeated, proving his limitless potential. Saitama is the ultimate hero, fighting for fun and standing as the strongest being in the One Punch Man universe. His story is a testament to the idea that even gods have limits, but Saitama does not.

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