Shakira shared a picture with Bijarap and Dookie

shakira The Argentine caused a stir and all kinds of comments after she shared a photo on her Instagram account with the two young artists.

The Colombian, with more than 80 million followers on the said social network, photographed himself bizarp and dookietwo major musical figures Argentina.

Bzrap premieres a season in early 2023 as Barranquillera opens up about his break with Gerard Pique And he makes high-profile comments not only for the former Spanish player, but also for his current teammate, Clara Chia.

“Tiradera” was a resounding success and quickly established itself at the number one spot on the digital platform., Furthermore, it became the session of Weird With more views on YouTube; Currently, it has been viewed over 500 million times.

During this, Ducci, whose real name is Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga26 years old and has already successfully forayed into music by singing rap. ‘Marisola’, ‘Like It Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Before I Lose You’ are some of her best performances.

shakira photo with bizarap that became a trend

The snapshot became a trend on social networks, especially due to the comments generated around it and the fact that it shakira share photo.

“It’s Over There Shaky”, “Shaky With 2 of 22. Prettier Every Day”, “With Collagen, As It Should Be”, “Pure Collagen”, “Shakira Polishing Rough Diamonds”, “Miami Wishes You Well” suits”.

A few hours before this publication, the Colombian shared a photo of the Argentinian DJ wearing the traditional volutiao hat, “Bizaquilero”, ‘Shaky’ told him when he saw him with the Colombian culture article.

Did Piqué answer Shakira with another pic?

Another fact that netizens didn’t miss was that a few minutes after shakira Will publish this postcard, Gerard Piqué He did the same with a photo in which he is seen very much in love beside Clara Chia.

with world champion Spain’s selection in 2010 She published her second picture with her current partner and incidentally, sent a message to those who speculate that their relationship with her would be temporary.

after the interpreter of ‘I Congratulate You’ and ‘TQG’ After moving to Miami, Piquet moved in with the young lawyer in Barcelona. Many speculate that they have already talked about marriage or living together.

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