That’s the mission of this visceral Korean series

Find the strength of one of the series at the moment.

Beat "sarcasm game": That's the mission of this visceral Korean series
This series is creating huge expectations. Will it be able to beat “Squid Game” as a success?

we are in a moment of perfection post apocalyptic style, There are many series similar to “The Last of Us” that want to get that piece of cake that has managed to become The second most watched series in the history of the HBO Max catalog, In this connection, a Korean series has come out. Wants to pick up the baton from “The Squid Game” As one of the most successful series in South Korea. We are talking about “The Black Knight”, a series that arrived on Netflix last week and which offers us a very interesting post-apocalyptic world in which South Korea has become a veritable wasteland.

The Black Knight: A Series That Will Get People Talking.

“The Black Knight” is a new and ambitious production from South Korea. It is a post-apocalyptic series in which only 1% of the population survives after a climatic disaster that causes polluting the air And for which people almost always have to remain locked in their homes. Thus, it is impossible for them to live well, and it only separates them from death. Some couriers who are dedicated to transport oxygen and food across the country So that these people can live. the problem is that There are also thieves and murderers who want to steal these products from peoplehence war for survival is guaranteed,

Yes, it’s possible that you’re thinking of it if you’re a gamer: the premise is similar to Death Stranding, the title by Hideo Kojima to which Porter Bridge is dedicated. deliver the package With the aim of reunifying the country by the United States. it’s like that, but it’s more direct and less transcendental Because in “The Black Knight”, the ultimate goal is to survive in a very interesting and original way.

The aesthetics of this series worked incredibly well. Despite the fact that recent post-apocalyptic films tend to have green settings in which nature has consumed large cities, this time we return Origins of Apocalyptic Cinema In which our planet has become a barren land. Thus, we will not enjoy a world with great nature and wild animals, but a eternal desert in which survival depends on enduring great hardships and difficulties. Thus, muted, dark and sad tones prevail in the compositions of these films.

There are a lot of interesting things in this series that we are going to love:

  • This is a really capable action series.
  • It has a very interesting post-apocalyptic premise that attracts a lot of attention.
  • Bet on a Classic Beauty Within post apocalyptic style,
  • The plot is quite engaging, so aim well.
  • It’s a Korean production, so many of its premises or ways of approaching issues are different to ours and that gives it some interest because we’re not seeing always the same Despite the fact that history may seem so.

Watching “The Black Knight” is very simple, all we have to do is subscribe to Netflix to enjoy this series and the entire Netflix catalog.

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