The Reason Behind Frieren’s Fatal Weakness

The elf wizard Frieren is known as one of the strongest wizards in the anime and manga “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.”

Despite being ancient and powerful, Frieren has mentioned that humans have defeated her in battle. This begs the question, how did these humans manage to defeat someone as powerful as Frieren?

Frieren, like many others, has weaknesses that can be used against him. One of these weaknesses is especially dangerous for her as a mage.

The reason behind Frieren's fatal weakness
Frieren: Beyond the end of the journey (Credit: MADHOUSE)

This weakness prevents her from using all of her mage powers. Because of this, Frieren has to think of different plans to defeat an enemy or overcome something that she could easily destroy.

Fans of the series often see her figuring out these strategies. Even if fans don’t care how Frieren handles things, her student Fern does. She often asks Frieren why she worries about all these complicated plans.

Frieren’s character and magical abilities

As a child, the elf wizard Frieren was taken in by the human wizard Flamme. Over a thousand years of practice, it is undeniable that Frieren has become much stronger, solidifying his position as one of the most formidable people in the series.

Frieren’s skill as a mage is so remarkable that even prominent mages like Denken are reluctant to face her in battle and would prefer to escape.

In addition to his wide range of battle techniques and experience, Frieren possesses a large reserve of mana and shows resistance to tactics such as hypnosis and mind control.

Frieren, as a mage, has immense power, but keeps a low profile about it. Unlike Serie, who wields authority like an overlord, Frieren takes a different approach.

Instead of being a warmonger, she opts for a cunning strategy to defeat the demons by luring them to underestimate her.

While Frieren is undoubtedly powerful as a mage, she lacks certain social skills and has room to grow in that area.

Despite this, he has been able to maintain and attract loyal friends because deep down he is a kind-hearted person.

The reason behind Frieren's fatal weakness
Frieren: Beyond the end of the journey (Credit: MADHOUSE)

Despite her immense power, the elven mage Frieren has vulnerabilities that her enemies can use against her.

A notable weakness, despite her fame as a mage, is something that even beginning magicians could face. Immediately after casting a spell, Frieren’s ability to detect mana temporarily fades.

Opponents can take advantage of this split-second vulnerability, especially mages who rely heavily on precision and timing in battle. Curiously, even after years of training and experience, this weakness persists in Frieren’s abilities.

Another weakness of Frieren is her perception of time and how it affects those around her except herself. Being an elf, Frieren has an incredibly long lifespan.

Having lived for over a thousand years and still looking like a teenager, fans often speculate about the true lifespan of an elf.

Due to his vast amount of time, Frieren can delay making important decisions for years, decades, or even centuries.

While this might be manageable for her, it can cause suffering to her human companions if her decisions affect them.

Frieren’s vulnerabilities

Frieren’s most critical flaw lies in his imagination. As a mage, her powers and thought processes are deeply rooted in logic.

While this approach has its advantages, especially in terms of accuracy and predictability, it also limits it significantly.

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Unlike other magic users, such as Ubel, who have been observed using spells without fully understanding their basic concepts or principles, Frieren tends to have trouble with spells that require more imaginative and less logical approaches.

However, for Frieren, who practices structured magic, he uses magic only when he fully understands its principles, which is a significant challenge.

While some fans might argue that Frieren was being logical, the truth is that Serie failed Frieren in the first-class magic final exam not only because he disagreed with Serie’s beliefs, but also because he couldn’t imagine that Serie would approve it.

Due to his structured approach to magic, Frieren lacks the flexibility that comes with imagining the seemingly impossible.

The reason behind Frieren's fatal weakness
Frieren: Beyond the end of the journey (Credit: MADHOUSE)

After her battle with Denken during the final stages of the First Class Mage Exam, Frieren commented that she doubted Richter could imagine defeating Kanne, a mage who controls water in the rain, any more than she could.

Even though Frieren is a far superior mage compared to Kanne, it is unclear if she would lose in a battle fought in an aquatic environment during rain.

However, if we consider the idea that a magician can only materialize what he can visualize, then Frieren might face difficulties.

Situations like this may have led to Frieren’s defeat at the hands of several humans in the past. This limitation in his ability to imagine and visualize certain scenarios could have been a factor in his losses.

The meaning of Frieren’s fatal weakness in the series

We are one of the strongest mages, but she can still be defeated by much weaker mages if they can stop her from winning. This shows that mental battles can be more important than physical fights, highlighting how a mage’s thoughts are very important.

It also shows that magicians who can imagine things well will always be on top. Their magic allows them to do amazing things, like turn the world upside down.

But, even with this strong imagination, magicians still need to be truly powerful to make impossible things happen. They also need to believe a lot in themselves.

So Frieren’s great weakness tells us a lot about how the wizarding world works. He shows how important it is to win mental battles, the magic of imagination, and the need for power and self-confidence for magicians to succeed.

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