Where To Read Chained Soldier Manga After Season 1, Explained

As the winter 2024 anime lineup begins to wind down, one of the first shows to reach its conclusion is the television anime adaptation of the Chained Soldier manga series.

While opinions among fans varied, with some expressing mixed feelings about the production, it undoubtedly generated quite a stir ahead of its debut.

Regardless of the different points of view, many viewers remained engaged with the anime during its inaugural season, intrigued by the narrative it unfolded and the potential depth it could bring to the overall story.

While the initial season may not have delved as deeply into these aspects as some had hoped, it lays the groundwork for future developments, hinting at possible plots to be explored in a second season, as shown in the ongoing Chained Soldier manga.

Aoba from Chained Soldier (Credits: Crunchyroll)

In light of this, and with no official announcement regarding a second season following the anime’s conclusion, fans who have reached the end of the series are turning to the source material, the Chained Soldier manga, to continue their journey.

However, given the substantial content omitted in the television adaptation, some fans are unsure where to pick up the manga to align with the desired experience.

For those looking for a more complete understanding of the Chained Soldier universe, it is recommended to start from the beginning of the manga.

Chained Soldier (Credits: Crunchyroll)

This approach allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the rich narrative and character development that may have been condensed or altered in the anime adaptation.

However, for those eager to explore new plots introduced in the anime’s first season, starting from the corresponding point in the manga (usually indicated by the anime’s conclusion) offers a smoother transition while also providing access to new story arcs. and character revelations.

Navigating the Chained Soldier manga after the first season

With the conclusion of the first season of the television anime adaptation, fans now have a clearer idea of ​​how much of the Chained Soldier manga series made it into the initial 12 episodes.

It is revealed that the adaptation condensed a total of 44 chapters, averaging around 3.67 chapters per episode. While readers could theoretically start from chapter 45, there are compelling reasons why it might be preferable to start earlier.

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The pace of the adaptation is notable, registering a pace slightly above the average of 3.67 chapters per episode. Typically, seasonal anime aim for around 3 chapters per episode, making the pace of Chained Soldier faster than normal.

This accelerated pace can be attributed to some material being cut due to the limitations of censorship on Japanese television. Regardless of whether it was broadcast at night, some scenes from the manga had to be eliminated.

Shushu from Chained Soldier (Credits: Crunchyroll)

While these cuts may not significantly affect the plot, they present an intriguing dilemma for fans looking to make the transition to the manga.

For those interested solely in continuing the narrative, starting from chapter 44 may be enough. While this revisits scenes from the season one finale, it ensures that readers have the necessary context for the events that unfold in episode 45.

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However, for readers looking for a complete, unfiltered experience of the series, it is recommended to start from Chapter 1. This approach allows fans to access the unabridged version of the story as originally conceived by the mangaka, covering everything the material omitted in the anime adaptation.

While these deleted segments may not drastically alter the overall plot, they do offer insight into elements of the manga that didn’t make it to the screen, potentially adding depth and intrigue to the reading experience.

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