Top 10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like Banana Fish

Top 10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like Banana Fish: Banana Fish stands as a modern marvel in action thriller anime and has earned a place as a cult classic. Its influence extends throughout various anime communities, due to its broad thematic depth and daring departure from genre norms.

The narrative revolves around Ash Lynx, a formidable figure in the New York underworld, and his unlikely comrade, Japanese assistant photographer Eiji Okumura.

Together, they unravel the mysteries intertwined with the enigmatic substance of the same name, creating a story that seamlessly weaves elements of organized crime drama with poignant themes of love and human connection.

Banana Fish (Credits: MAPPA)

What sets Banana Fish apart is its incomparable originality within anime.

Since its manga inception in 1985, no other story has matched its distinctive emotional resonance. However, amid this singular status, a handful of productions have managed to echo certain facets that made Banana Fish so notable.

For fans looking to recapture that unique charm, this alternative but similar anime can serve as a new source of admiration and fascination.

Cool! And 9 other anime series similar to Banana Fish

Here is a list of the 10 best anime series that you must watch if you love the story of Banana Fish.

10. Cool!

Banana Fish exudes a unique style that few anime series can rival, but the sassy style of Baccano! It comes remarkably close.

Set against the backdrop of 1930s America, Baccano! unfolds as a whirlwind of organized crime and action, weaving the eccentric stories of disparate gangsters and rogues into one explosive narrative.

A still from Baccano (Credits: Brain’s Base)

What a difference to Baccano! Separately is the playful embrace of its era, which draws heavily on the stylistic hallmarks of classic American gangster films. However, it injects an unexpected twist by introducing characters endowed with supernatural immortality, adding an extra layer of intrigue to its already surprising plot.

With its relentless barrage of action, humor, and unforgettable character dynamics, Baccano! stands as one of the leading anime series focused on organized crime.

9. 91 days

In the anime, 91 Days stand out as a parallel to Banana Fish with its story of organized crime and revenge set in the United States of the 1920s. The narrative unfolds around Angelo, the protagonist, whose life is shattered when His family is a victim of the ruthless control of the local mafia.

Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Angelo meticulously orchestrates a seven-year plan to infiltrate the famous Vanetti family, the architects of his childhood tragedy, and exact his revenge.

Angelo from 91 Days (Credits: Shuka)

Angelo’s journey is a heartbreaking symphony of revenge, as he descends into the same abyss of brutality and cruelty as those he seeks to dismantle.

What sets 91 Days apart, however, is the nuanced portrayal of its characters, where shades of gray blur the line between heroism and villainy.

In crimes and consequences, no character emerges unscathed, making 91 Days a deeply compelling exploration of the human psyche amid the throes of vendetta.

8. Click the link

Link Click emerges as a mystery and suspense drama centered on a duo endowed with the unique ability to travel through time through photographs. Universally acclaimed for its fast pace, endearing characters, and emotionally charged narrative, this Chinese animated series bears witness to gripping storytelling craftsmanship.

Departing from the narrative trajectory of Banana Fish, Link Click weaves its mystery with supernatural appeal.

Link Click Season 2 Episode 6 release date
Lu de Link Click Season 2 Episode 5 Frame (Credits: Crunchyroll)

However, both series share a common thread by infusing heart into their labyrinthine suspense plots. The dynamic between leads Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi rivals Eiji and Ash’s surprising bond, drawing viewers into their intertwined destinies with equal fervor.

The tragedy serves as a crucible for character growth in Link Click, resonating with fans of Banana Fish’s poignant sentimentality and tugging at their heartstrings in familiar yet poignant ways.

7. rainbow

For fans drawn to Banana Fish’s deft handling of important themes, Rainbow offers a poignant parallel. Set within the confines of a 1950s Japanese juvenile detention center famous for its deplorable conditions, the series delves into the lives of seven inmates who forge an unlikely camaraderie amid the desolation of their surroundings.

Enduring relentless abuse at the hands of sadistic guards and a malevolent prison doctor, the inmates find comfort and strength in their bonds with each other.

A still from Rainbow (Credits: Madhouse)

Grim and suspenseful, Rainbow navigates the darkest corners of the human experience with unflinching realism, making it a challenging yet rewarding watch for adult audiences.

While its exploration of sensitive themes may be difficult for some viewers, those looking for a narrative that reflects Banana Fish’s unvarnished depiction of despair will find Rainbow to be a compelling and essential viewing experience.

6. SK8 the Infinite

Although SK8 the Infinity may seem like a light-hearted sports drama at first glance, it shares unexpected similarities with the tense and serious crime mystery Banana Fish, coming from their common director, Hiroko Utsumi. Regardless of the apparent gender disparity, the two series have striking similarities.

SK8 the Infinity (Credits: Bones)

In SK8 the Infinity, we follow the journey of Reki, an energetic teenager with an unwavering love of skateboarding, and his new friend Langa, whose snowboarding experience reveals a natural ability for skating.

The healthy camaraderie between Reki and Langa echoes nuances of the less tragic dynamic between Eiji and Ash, underscoring the importance of supportive relationships in both narratives.

Additionally, the cinematic and aesthetic parallels between the two shows serve to accentuate the similarities in their character arcs, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection for viewers.

5. Great suitor

Great Pretender follows the adventures of a motley group of skilled con artists under the leadership of the charismatic criminal mastermind, Laurent.

Renowned for its incomparable style, the series mirrors Banana Fish in its narrative drive, as protagonist Edamura, an innocent young Japanese man, unwittingly plunges into high-stakes crime, adapting perfectly to his new surroundings and forming unexpected bonds with his cohorts. .

24 Anime like Akudama Drive
Makoto and Abigail The Great Pretender (Credits: Wit Studio)

Setting off on a whirlwind tour around the world, courtesy of Laurent’s daring heists, the duo’s exploits range from the glitz of Hollywood to the streets of Singapore.

Their adventures, full of intrigue and suspense, leave no room for monotony, as they outwit the world’s most nefarious villains at all times.

4. Bungou Stray Dogs

With an exciting story filled with vibrant and unforgettable characters, BSD revolves primarily around the enigmatic Armed Detective Agency and its eclectic members: individuals gifted with extraordinary supernatural abilities charged with thwarting criminal efforts that threaten the delicate balance of power in Yokohama.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date
Ranpo from Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Frame (Credits: Crunchyroll)

BSD seamlessly weaves its supernatural elements with intricate detective narratives, striking a harmonious balance that satisfies both fans of action-packed adventures and fans of grounded mystery tales.

However, the series truly shines in its masterful character development, as its multifaceted cast of heroes and villains surprises viewers with its complexity and depth, solidifying BSD’s status as a smash hit in anime.

3. Gungrave

Gungrave emerges as a wild and exciting mafia action spectacle, offering all the elements one could want from the genre. Anchored in the tumultuous relationship between former friends Brandon and Harry, who become embroiled in the influential Millennion crime organization, Gungrave unfolds his story from dual perspectives.

Gungrave (Credits: Asylum)

One narrative line delves into the intricate history shared by Brandon and Harry, while the other follows Brandon’s reborn character, Beyond the Grave, as he seeks revenge against Millennion after being betrayed and killed by Harry.

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While Gungrave may not match the nuanced character development found in Banana Fish, it makes up for it with its visceral and unrelenting action sequences, imbued with a raw intensity that holds its own regardless of the series’ incorporation of sci-fi elements.

2. Gangsta

Many Banana Fish fans find resonance in its subtle but meaningful romantic undertones, particularly in the relationship between Eiji and Ash. While romance is not overtly emphasized, its presence adds layers of complexity to the main characters and amplifies the intensity of their ultimate fate.

Gangsta. (Credits: Manglobe)

Similarly, No. 6 ventures into sci-fi mystery with a narrative centered on two male protagonists, Shion and Nezumi, who forge an indomitable bond despite coming from very different worlds.

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Shion originates from a futuristic utopia, while Nezumi dwells in the desolate wastelands beyond its confines. Unfortunately, the love story between Shion and Nezumi unfolds against a backdrop of tragedy, mirroring the bittersweet essence of Eiji and Ash’s relationship in Banana Fish.

1. No. 6

Gangsta, gritty, visceral but undeniably surprising. offers a fascinating look into the lives of people who thrive beyond the limitations of social norms.

Set amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the dangerous city of Ergastalum, the series focuses on the exploits of the morally ambiguous duo, Worick Arcangelo and Nicholas Brown, who operate as Handymen: mercenaries free from conventional ethics, willing to navigate the treacherous underworld of the city for the right price.

No. 6 (Credits: Bones)

Their ranks swell with the addition of Alex Benedetto, a vulnerable sex worker caught in the crosshairs of danger. Together, Worick, Nicholas and Alex take on countless criminal factions vying for control of Ergastalum, their determination unwavering and their weapons ready for action.

In striking parallel to Banana Fish, Gangsta. explores overarching themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the insidious lure of power.

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In particular, both series address the ramifications of a mysterious drug, Gangsta. introducing Twilights, individuals imbued with supernatural abilities by said substance, establishing an intriguing connection with the thematic plot of Banana Fish.

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