3 Series Similar to Virgin River Are Available to Binge on Netflix

Virgin Rivers gets 2023 Season 5 premiere, a long wait for fans of the romantic drama who are eager for new episodes. If you’re one of them, these 3 Netflix series will help you bear the wait.

virgin river it’s a platform drama Netflix based on the novels of Robin Carr, which tells the story of Mel Monroe, a nurse with a tragic life who moves to a small town to forget all her pain. In that city she meets Jack, an ex-serviceman owner of a bar, with whom she falls in love almost immediately.

Virgin River will premiere its season 5 in the fall

The series, which will premiere its Season 5 in the fall of 2023, has powerful performances and a script that fans have praised because, far from debating, it seeks to identify with life itself. However, there are many expectations from this new installment as a new villain will be introduced who promises to turn everything upside down.

is the main attraction of virgin river Those are the scenarios, of course, although the romance that develops over the course of the story is also a compelling incentive for the audience., Since it will take a while for the series to come out with its new episodes on Netflix, we decided to recommend 3 other dramas that are on the platform that are perfect to binge while waiting for Zack and Mel to return in the fall. Are.

sweet magnolia

Sweet Magnolias Has 2 Seasons And It’s On Netflix

sweet magnolia This is probably one of the most optimistic plots of the last decade. The series tells the story of three great childhood friends: Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue, who live with their families in the small town of Serenity. Together they face any problems and boldly change their destiny. It is one of the points it has the most along the Virgin River, one of them being how unified the city is when resolving conflicts.

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane recently closed leaving a powerful message

Firefly Lane is a 2-season series that perpetuates the sense of peace and well-being that Virgin River offers. She has a beautiful story about female empowerment and witchcraft, and tackles family issues with an intense and moving perspective that doesn’t go unnoticed. Those who have seen it have fallen in love with its two main characters and cried their eyes out with the incredible message it left after the ending. Ideal for a weekend away.

Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores Is The Perfect Family Series For All Audiences

Chesapeake Shores is a series of six family-oriented seasons that tells the story of two separated husbands who, with the support of their children, were able to rectify their mistakes to start a new story. Like Virgin River, its protagonist arrives in a small town where he will stay to be happier than in the city. It shows great landscapes and is worth watching with teenagers,

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