A criminal ended the life of Steven Cardona Solarte

The victim was Santander de Quilichao, a well-known mechanic and athlete in the municipality.

A criminal ended the life of Steven Cardona Solarte

The mechanic and athlete who was murdered on the night of this Saturday, May 20, in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, was identified as Steven Cardona Solarte.

According to reports from authorities, the fatalities occurred at Carrera 13 along Calle 16 in the Limón neighborhood. A criminal entered the motorcycle workshop where the victim worked and then shot him several times.

“The antisocial then fled the site, while friend and acquaintance Steven Cardona came to the aid of Solarte, then called for help from a group of paramedics, however all these actions were in vain, as the young man died minutes after the attack ” officials added.

After the news was confirmed, messages of solidarity did not wait for the relatives, as the victim was well known for his love of motorcycles. In fact, it turned out that Steven Cardona Solarte was known affectionately among Quilichagueños as Candela.

Friends said, “Dost will be remembered as the young man who always fought to achieve his dreams, the young man who always fought for a better future for young people through sport.” Wanted to have.”

Another close friend of the victim expressed: “With his charisma and the humility that always characterized him, he made the name of Santander de Quilichao nationally sound through stunts, the practice which consists of stunting on a motorcycle “.

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