Adhara’s cute trick to wake up Saruma

digital content creator Andrea Waldieri He took advantage of this Sunday off to share with hundreds of his followers what his weekend was like when he didn’t have to work. And it is that, although the woman was shown enjoying the Barranquilla Carnival that takes place from 18 to 21 February, this time she was seen in a calmer and more familiar environment.

In this way, through the stories of her official Instagram account, where she has accumulated close to nine million followers, the beautiful lady shared a series of audiovisuals in which He is seen sharing it with his youngest daughter Samaira and her husband Felipe Saruma.

However, what grabbed the most attention was the way they were enjoying this Sunday, because as can be seen in the video, Couple playing with minor to pass the time.

She gets emotional while teaching Adhra the trick to wake up Sarma.

And it is that, during their rest, Andrea Valdiiri and Felipe Saruma dedicated themselves to spending time with little Adhrita in the comfort of her room, therefore, to entertain her, they planned various activities; one of them focused on knowing To find out how Adhara would wake up Felipe Saruma if he was in a deep sleep, the content creator pretended to be.

Seeing her father lying on the bed, Samaira starts making vigorous movements with her feet. However, seeing that he did not wake up, she followed her mother’s advice, who suggested she give him a gentle kiss on the cheek to make him do so.

Upon receiving the kiss, Saruma automatically wakes up to later return the kiss and play with her.

Have you inherited your talent from your mother? Adhara teaches her dance steps

Little Adhara proves to have the same dancing talent as her mother, so, encouraged by Valdiri and Saruma, she prepares to dance on the bed with her little hands clasped behind her back and the lion’s roar She goes.

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