After calling Yuridia “fat”, Ventanendo visits a government agency.

a few days ago, ‘window’ received a visit from National Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Violence against Women, Konavim, Which is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Interior that seeks to eliminate violence against women.

The meeting takes place between the TVAzteca program and the government body after the controversy over the comments of Husband chapoy against uridia, Said comments were, in turn, repeated by other drivers of the evening.

above all because uridia explainedthat these fat-fearing comments had haunted her for years, affecting her Mental and emotional health.

Daniel Bisogno plays down fat-fearing comments before Convim

last Friday, ‘window’ He showed photographs of the meeting with Konavim during his evening broadcast. In the said video, the cast of the show can be seen sitting around a table in the forum along with the executives.

Fabiola Alanis, director of the organizationexplains harmful behavior to drivers and “fatophobic” comments which is intended to be removed.

however, daniel bisogno about what might be asked “Freedom of expression” When “Not such a serious matter”This refers to offensive comments that the driver considers “not so serious”.

officers of Konavim replied He “Any comment that classifies a woman by her body is violence.”

However, Fabiola Alanis points out that this type of comment against physical appearance is not exclusive. ‘winding’, Since it is a cultural and social issue.

,not in this spacebut in general, it is Let’s not judge women by their physical appearanceThat cultural vision, which is millennial and which we have to cut… It’s not about you, it’s not about the environment, it’s about the world society…” the public servant explained.

Conavim made recommendations for ‘winding’

The director of the public body insisted that, however, It is not a crime to make negative comments about a person’s appearance, have the power to instigate and lead legal processes,

Therefore, the director of konavim asked ‘window’ Your cooperation in deleting harmful comments that criticize people’s appearance.

as it happened uridia and many other personalities who have been ridiculed by the program’s hosts for their physical appearance.

,It’s not a crime, it can become a crimeThere can be a demand, a way of saying, we cannot allow, as a society, that women classify us, judge us, mark us by our appearance”, explained Fabiola Alanis.

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