Alicia Keys Keeps Ella Bella Solo De Featherweight In Guadalajara

Alicia Keys was presented this Friday night at the Telmex Auditorium, is located in Zapopan, within the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. The New Yorker reviewed her career with “Girl on Fire”, “Empire Star of Mind”, “No One”, among others, However there was a surprise and that is that the song “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma was playing,

In social networks it is commented that the interpreter gave way The song which is currently at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 has created history by reaching number 1Also led reproduction in the Spotify app a few weeks ago.

A snippet of the moment can be seen on TikTok, where Helen.Ochoa’s video has so far garnered over 115,000 views and over 200 comments.

This moment surprised those present who shared their impressions on social networks.

,The strangest thing of the night: Alicia Keys performing a featherweight dance at the Telmex Auditorium”said a user on Twitter. “She dances ft alone. This Girl is on Fire/Featherweight by Alicia Keys is a collaboration the Nats weren’t expecting,” added another.

In other videos of the moment, the singer-songwriter can be seen walking on stage to the beat of the popular song and announcing that he loves the song and inviting the public to sing along to it.

After her three performances in Mexico, Alicia Keys is getting ready to continue her summer concert tour in the United States



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