All the Contradictions in the History of Tamara Falco’s Dress

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one of Tamara Falco (41) and inigo oniwa (33) The most popular marriage ever. And not only because of predictions about their future as husband and wife, but also because of everything that happened two months after the preparation of the link. And it is that although last week the couple made many headlines of the social chronicle for the minimum amount they would have imposed on their guests as wedding gifts; It has been, or rather has been, her for everything related to her wedding dress.

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It was only a few days ago when it became known that the firm Sophie et Viola had decided to break its agreement with Tamara Falco and therefore, due to “demands”, she did not have to dress on the day of her big wedding. Marchioness of Grion, which would not be in line with the moral code of the Basque House. « We have a deep respect for the artistic creation of other associates and our business ethics prevents us from exceeding certain limits that would jeopardize the original authorship of the design»which statement begins with sophia arribas And seoa goitiaThe owners of the firm announced the termination of their employment relationship with Tamara Falco.

«For this reason, and for the respect to which we deserve the originality Works of other haute couture brandsWe cannot comply with certain demands of Mrs. Falco, which from the very beginning of the relationship we have advised against and refuse to meet because they are too close to designs outside of our firm,” he says. .

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Thus, Tamara will have already started a race against time to get a designer to create a special wedding dress full of contrasts – customized to her tastes in record time. Well, it’s worth remembering that, first of all, in his Netflix documentary, MarquessTamara said that she looks like Carolina Herrera will be during the bridal journey factory that’s in new york with the firm Isabella Preisler (72). Later, there was speculation that it was his great friend and designer, John Avellaneda (40), who was in charge of making the dress, however, in the end, influencer He relied on Sophie et Voila for the design.

as of now save meTamara is considering going back on her initial idea and leaving her business in the hands of a Spanish firm. organizations to go down the aisle. «Who is at the table this time is Wes Gordon, creative director of Carolina Herrera»Revealed Lydia Lozano in the above program. “He has a contract for it. realityWith a lot of data, and one of them is that Carolina Herrera is the person who is going to prepare her for marriage, “said José Antonio Avilés, for his part.

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Sophie et Voila denied that Tamara found out about the end of their employment relationship to the press

And the controversy is not taking the name of stopping. Well, while Tamara Falco claims she’s revealed to the press about terminating her contract with Sophie et Voila for the design of her wedding dress, the firm has shown various media outlets an email that appears to suggest that the marquise will be sent to Through his lawyers, in which he told about his intention to break the relationship, “from not being satisfied with the final adjustments made to the dress.” In this sense, the Basque designers tried to redirect the situation, but when they did not receive any response from their client, He decided to proceed in communication of the break to be able to give his version.

Also, for her part, Tamara denied that she asked the firm to copy other designs, –I categorically deny that this is true. How would I ask them to do something like this? If I am the first woman to dedicate myself to fashion! I have the utmost respect for designers and everything related to the profession”, he says, while the firm seems to indicate the opposite.

in fact, in Ana Rosa’s Program has speculated that Tamara wanted to steal a Chanel design. Specifically, a design by Karl Lafergeld that is currently on display New York’s Metropolitan Museum On the occasion of the exhibition honoring him, Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,

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