Altaïr Jarabo boasts of wonderful holidays with her husband and criticisms rain down on her: she looks like her grandfather

Altair Zarabo She is one of those actresses who has earned the affection of the Mexican public thanks to her simplicity and although little is known about her personal life, in 2021 she surprised her fans by revealing that she is married to a French-born businessman. Will marry Frederick GarciaWho is 20 years older than him.

Although the actress usually shares happy moments with her husband on social networks, She has come under fire for marrying an older man. Recently, she bragged about her wonderful vacation in Spain and once again received nasty comments.

Tuden Altair Jarabo to show holidays with her husband 20 years older

From her Instagram account, the artist who has participated in various soap operas such as warrior heart one of two get over heartbreak, shared some photos that he took during his trip to Seville. However, one of the most attention-grabbing images was taken with her husband because many say Frederick Garcia looks like her grandfather and not her husband,

“As Manzanero said: ‘A man of 60 years can give only two things: kindness and money'”, “You look very handsome and you married that old man. For me he won the wallet”, “It’s nice to go for a walk with your grandpa”, “I thought it was his grandpa”There were some comments from users who criticized their relationship.

So far the actress has not commented on this matter. However, it should be remembered that Altaïr has repeatedly defended her marriage and urged other women to date older men as well.

Who is Altair Zarabo’s husband?

Frederick Garcia is a businessman Who was born on September 15, 1967 in Toulouse, France, but has lived and worked in our country for a long time. He studied engineering at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers and even has a specialization in Industrial Systems Management and a master’s degree in International Project Management.

Altair Jarabo and her husband to tie the knot in August 2021 A wedding held in France was attended by some Mexican actors who are good friends of the famous. Since then, The actress has been criticized for falling in love with a man much older than her. Despite this, Famous has shown that bad comments don’t matter to her and prefers to focus on her happiness Frederick Garcia.

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