Another one from Piqué! Her new video clip with Shakira – Gerard’s new photo with Clara Chia after the Fox Sports controversy

Yes shakira surprised the whole world with the participation of his children in his new music video, Gerard Piqué He replied to his ex-wife with a new picture in the company clara chiaThe third dispute which would be responsible for the separation of the couple.

The personal life of the former football player remains on everyone’s lips for such gestures, this is his second selfies public with the 24-year-old, which immediately went viral on social networks and generated thousands of comments for and against the relationship between the two.

“The Song That Takes You Out” shakiraThe photo he takes rubbing his horn” or “Sounds like a painful revelation to me” were some of the reactions the photograph received from users.

Gerard Pique shocked to see his children in Shakira’s new clip

shakira music video released for acrostichis new single and his kids appear in it sasha And Milansomething her ex-husband didn’t like at all Gerard PiquéWHO He was very annoyed by the participation of his little ones in the audiovisual of the Colombian,

according to program information and now sonsol Of antenna 3former football player FC Barcelona and now president kings league He was “shocked” when he learned what had happened.

even the reporter Lorraine Vacquez He explained that the businessman knew his children were in his mother’s video when it was published worldwide.

“He didn’t know, nor was he asked for permission, nor authorization and it seems his children didn’t tell him either,” the presenter revealed.

And if that wasn’t enough, estrangement He would have already taken the help of his lawyer, ramen drummerto present a possible legal dispute against shakiraHowever, the lawyer, when questioned about it, cited his “professional ethics” for not divulging details about his client’s alleged complaint.

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