Anuel AA’s fiery gesture for Karol G after the release of his song with Shakira

a few days ago, Carroll G. released his new song titled ‘TQG’ in collaboration with Shakira which included hints anuel aa and Gerard Pique. “Tell your new baby that I don’t compete as a man, to stop pulling, that at least I made you beautiful. I’m sorry to see you with the new one, but I’m ready to fend for myself. Gone what we lived through, and that’s what makes you angry. And even life got better for me, now you’re not welcome here. What your girlfriend threw at me is not angry , I laugh”, reads one of the Colombian artist’s verses.

anuel aa He didn’t stay without saying anything and posted a picture to promote his new song titled ‘Rompekorajon’. “If Judas betrayed Jesus, what makes you think they won’t betray you?”

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