Ari Boulogne, the photographer who claimed to be Alain Delon’s son, was found dead at the age of 61

photographer Ari Boulognewho claimed to be the son of a french actor alain delon (87 years old), who has always denied his paternity, got this saturday, May 20, lifeless at home in paris, A suspicious incident that led to an arrest and a judicial inquiry.

The Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed Boulogne’s death and his arrest, according to the newspaper. le parisianThe informant may have been his partner, a 58-year-old woman, accused of not helping,

The purpose of the investigation is to clarify the circumstances of the death of this man, who was hemiplegicborn in 1962, and son of German model and singer nicohad a brief relationship with alain delon In the early 1960s.

[Alain Delon se despide tras pedir la eutanasia: “Espero que futuros actores puedan encontrar en mí un ejemplo”]

It was the woman – who has now been arrested – who informed police at dawn, when she went to the apartment to find the photographer’s body in a state of advanced decomposition,

According to le parisianThe woman said that she herself found the body after returning from a trip with her son. Ari Boulogne, who grew up with Alain Delon’s mother, from whom he took his last name, has been demanding for years that French justice recognize him as the actor’s son, but no success so far,

In 2019, he filed a claim for recognition of paternity Orleans Judicial Court Because that city is the capital of the Lorette department where the French film giant is home.

However, the next year the court said that French jurisdictions were territorially incompetentSince Alain Delon has been a resident of Switzerland since 1984.

Ari Boulogne returned as a teenager to his mother, who introduced him to his artistic activity, but also world of medicine, Since his death, in 1988, he has been interned several times in psychiatric hospitals and has undergone various detoxification treatments.

Ellen’s Euthanasia

The news was made public on April 1, 2022 and paralyzed half the world: famous French actor Alain Delon asked to commit assisted suicide in Switzerland, the country where he lives,

Alain Delon with his son in a picture from 2017.


It was a tough but firm decision taken by the veteran interpreter after suffering in 2019 two stroke Due to which he became somewhat handicapped.

Thus, Delon commissioned his son, AnthonyThe tedious task of starting processes to go through the process. ,they asked me to organize itYes”, admitted the stem of the actor in the French media rtl, It should be remembered that assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland.,

The French actor also said goodbye Which was made public through a short but stern and heart-rending letter to his public: “I want to thank everyone who supported me Over the years have been very helpful. wait future actors can find an example in me Not only in the workplace, but in everyday life, in the midst of victory and defeat. Thank you Alain Delon.”

In one of his last interviews, Alain Delon was in favor of a dignified death: I am for a dignified death, Firstly because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I believe it is the most logical and natural, A person has the right to go peacefully without hospitals, injections etc. getting old sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it“. For now, Delon is still alive.

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