‘Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)’: memes against Crunchyroll for not uploading episode 88

While Crunchyroll’s tradition is to always air West episodes an hour after they air in Japan, episode 88 of ‘Attack on Titan’ has already sparked a wave of nostalgia and anger among anime fans.

Many of us who had the opportunity to watch Episode 88 of Attack on Titan, the anime by Hajime Isayama and Mappa Studios in the original airing, can now continue with their daily weekend, however, watching Crunchyroll, Excellence and the house anime streaming service for My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, among others, This has gone over badly with fans in other countries and the one hour special has not been uploaded,

We remind you that Mappa, which is also a Chainsaw Man studio, decided to split the third and final part of the final season of the anime into two, with the final result scheduled for the fall of 2023, a season that will begin in September. 2019 to December, which means we jump to 2024 with the conclusion of this thrilling tale about the Titans led by Eren Jaeger.

As you’ll recall, episode 87 ends with the defeat of the naval fleet led by Eren and his Eldian Titans, an invasion that we thunder, whose goal is to wipe out humanity who lived quietly in the outside world for years, causing Eren to hate being locked between the walls and to believe that there was no more sea to cross. Part 88 begins with that invasion.

Despite the fact that the episode ended at 10:30 a.m. Mexico time, Crunchyroll did not have a response regarding the content being subtitled in Spanish. Sensacine Latam requested information in this regard from a spokesperson for the service in Latin America and did not receive a response, However, in a forum on the anime’s original page, they report that it will be at 3:00PM, 6:00PM in Japan, that we have this continuity. Whether this happens or not though, memes are already invading social networks.

because not in any regional account Crunchyroll Worldwide has covered this possible premiereThey also make fun of the fact that the servers will not support the demand as has been the case in previous seasons. attack on Titan, It remains only to wait for some statement or that the entry in chapter 88 just miraculously appears on the servers and catalogs where we also see the Demon Slayer and others.

Patrick Star, from SpongeBob, is apparently part of the wave of memes that have taken off this little procrastination. The angry mob of Springfield citizens from The Simpsons can’t stand a lack of information either. Not to mention the Titans threatening to destroy all the workers on the Platform for the same reason. It remains only to have fun with these montages and wait for some feedback,

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