Australian restaurant refuses service to Russell Crowe, girlfriend because she…

Activewear not allowed inside the restaurant, including flip-flops

Days after American singer Post Malone was denied entry to a rooftop bar in Perth, Australia over his tattoo, a similar case involving high-profile celebrities has come to the fore. This time, well-known actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Brittany Theriot were turned away from a restaurant in Australia for not meeting the “smart casual” dress code, new york postinformed of. After this, the couple went to another nearby restaurant for lunch.

The incident occurred when the couple went to the Mr Miyagi Fusion establishment in Melbourne for “a quick bite to eat” after a game of tennis. Since they were playing tennis, Mr. Crowe was wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt while Ms. Theriot was wearing her tennis skirt. On seeing his attire, he was turned away by the restaurant staff.

Specifically, the restaurant described itself as “casual but fancy”, where “work gear, activewear, singlets and thongs (flip-flops)” are prohibited. Owner Kristian Klein told the Daily Herald the pair were wearing “slobby gym gear”.

‘We treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who you are or whether you are Russell Crowe. We have a dress code that we follow at every level,’ Mr. Klein explained. Herald Sun on Friday.

He added, “We’re not trying to teach people how to dress. But I know personally that if I’m in my thongs and my boardies, I’m not going to try and go to a nice restaurant.” , because I will not go.” Dress appropriately.” The owner also said that the staff member who refused service to the couple did not recognize her ‘Gladiator’ actor.

Later, the restaurant tried to lighten up the situation with a funny update on Instagram. “Wear smart casuals, unless you’re Russell Crowe, then wear whatever,” the sign read.

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The restaurant also added a note about Mr Crowe’s visit and said they would love to have him back.

The post read, “Dear Russell, During your last meeting it seems we are on the wrong track. After much consideration of what happened, we have made a permanent change to our dress code. We would love to see you again in the future, you are always welcome at Mr. Miyagi’s.

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